33 comments on “How to Be Rasta; 20 Steps

  1. I used to be suggested this blog by way of my cousin.
    I’m now not positive whether or not this publish is written by him as no one else realize such targeted about my trouble. You are amazing! Thank you!


  2. I am a rasta woman/empress and I would like to know where have obtained your information. Your facts are not correct. I have been a rasta since 2008 and my husband has been a rasta for 53 years. I live and work in Jamaica. My livity is rasta.


  3. So…. I have all of these, except i love to barbeque and i call Selassie “Jesus two” not God. Am i&i still considered Rasta?


    • You can grill your fish. There is no problem in that. Rastafari is really something of the heart anyway. Its not really about what you eat and say.
      Part of the “magic” of Rastafari is to say The Kings Name…


  4. Shalom! Blessings to you thanks for this great blog !
    I will buy your book 2nd of may when I get my next paycheck, but can I ask you before that, is there any room for scandinavians within the Rastafari livity? :)


  5. I am rasta man i dont visit jamaica.but am in ethiopia so I maditate with rastafarians in shashemane ethiopia its real place all rastafarians visit it


  6. No one can teach you how to be a RasTafari.

    RasTeferi is an Amharic title which means “The Head to be feared”
    Ras – Head; Duke
    Teferi – To be feared

    If you are a RasTeferi, you will know it from birth; it is an in-born concept. Dreadlocks has NOTHING to do with true RasTeferi, because even HIM ruled Holy Ethiopia without locks.

    Don’t get caught-up on outward appearances. True RasTeferi knows that it is your heart, your consciousness, your mind, that makes you a RasTeferi.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a RasTeferi because you eat a certain thing. If you fight the good fight of righteousness, and you fear HaElohim (God) in your heart, then you are a RasTeferi.

    If you have more questions about true RasTeferi, please ask InI.



    • So, I had been thinking about my response to your comment. I was not satisfied with it. Rastafari is a spirituality, that has many components, and yet at the same time it cannot be broken down. Yes, it is an “Inborn concept,” and Dreadlocks does have A LOT TO do with this spirituality. Eating meat is not a part of our Livity I can assure you of that. Rasta people are people who have an awareness, and yes they are born with it. Part of the “Awareness” is that meat is not a food that is fit for a Rasta. Jah make it so…not me. I appreciate your input…however as one of these people (Rasta) who are born with the Awareness, and as a MessenJAH of the Most High. I have to speak the truth concerning my faith.
      Blessed Love & Unity.
      How to Become a Rasta eBook on Amazon.com


  7. Mi (new) dreads dem always combine each other at the roots after i took a shower. I rip them always apart after that, but what can I do, to prevent the dreads combining each other? Thank you in advance and great article. Blessings a yuh.


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