8 “FYI’s” before you travel to Jamaica!

  1. Everybody loves you
  2. You might Fall in love
  3. The Jamaican food is no good
  4. The night life is great
  5. There are no pay phones at the airport
  6. The Money may confuse you
  7. The men are very Sexy
  8. Don’t get too comfortable

Look, before I begin I want everyone reading this to know. I absolutely love Jamaica. I am a Canadian born woman, and my whole entire life and income, centers around Jamaican Culture, and Rastafari Culture. This list is meant to be fun and educational. Take it with a Grain of salt.

Everybody loves you

I am a woman, and I found every guy I met, was telling me how much he was in love with me. Over time I realized the men see you as more of an opportunity than anything else. Not saying a Jamaican man can’t fall in love with you, but beware, some may be just blowing smoke up your ass. And if you think the women are not doing it to the men, think again, because I am told that they are.

You might fall in love

I know this sounds weird considering the paragraph above, but its true.  You might actually fall in love with one of those people who tell you that they love after only knowing you for one hour. Hmpf. Well can’t control the heart. Many women travel to Jamaica for vacation and come back with a heart full of love. Wont ask me why. Many its the sexy accent of the Jamaican man, I don’t know.

The Jamaican food is no good

I live in Toronto Canada (for now) and the Jamaican food here is off the chart! When I went to Jamaican in 2012 February, I was shocked to find the Jamaican food was not have as good as the Jamaican food in Toronto.  It made no sense to me either. But the truth is the truth.

The Night Life is Great

The night life in Jamaica is outstanding. Well that’s just my opinion. I am Rastafari and love to listen to the sounds of Rasta Reggae music late into the night, especially on a Monday night when there is nothing to do. Where I am from, most partying begins on Thursday and ends Sunday. In Jamaica, it starts, Thursday and ends Tuesday.

There are no pay phones at the air port

This really irked me. I ended up coming back much earlier than I had expected. Let me tell you, not having a phone at that time was so difficult. I thought my funds in my account were frozen, and there was no payphone in sight at the Airport in Montego Bay to even call my bank and rectify the situation. Oh my goodness, I had to literally stop some guy and ask him to borrow his cell phone. How embarrassing   Jamaica needs to change this swiftly. They know we are foreigners, they need to implement a phone just for us at the airport. Come on Jamaica you can do better than this. I felt so alone and confused. I’m hoping someone in Jamaica will see this and get right on it.

The Money May Confuse you

I believe the conversion rate is approximately 1 Canadian dollar to 10 Jamaican dollars. But this can get confusing very fast. Here is what else I know…

  • 100 JAM = 1$ CAD
  • 1000 JAM = 10$ CAD
  • 10,000 JAM = 100$ CAD

The Jamaican men are very sexy

OK let’s be honest. Jamaican men have a reputation around the world.

1. for being very sexy

2. for being good lovers

Are these fact or myth? They are both Fact. The other thing you should know about Jamaican men is, they have been known to be a bag of trouble. I just wrote a blog post, describing how I was dumped out of the blue. Then this inspired me to write a blog post on my other blog, entitled “8 Reasons why Jamaican men cheat.” It seems now a days Jamaican men in Jamaica and abroad are leaving many women with broken hearts. Oh well, it’s not all that glitters is gold.

They are also known for being well “equipped”  so to speak. Is this fact or fiction? I’ll let you find out on your own.

Don’t get too comfortable

When visiting Jamaica as a foreigner it is easy to get too comfortable. How? Well, Jamaicans do a good job of making you feel at home. The culture and ideologies are very similar to western culture and ideologies, and the people are very warm and inviting. You may find that you do not want to leave, once you actually travel there. I have heard horror stories of men and woman who got way to comfortable visiting Jamaica. Remember Jamaicans have a different mind-set and way of handling things. Don’t get too comfortable.

Advice for first timers traveling to Jamaica:

  • Make sure you have enough money
  • Don’t over spend
  • Get a cell phone as soon as possible
  • Don’t set your expectations too high regarding the food
  • Don’t take it seriously if a Jamaican man or woman tells you he/she loves you

Jah Loves You. Give thanks and praises.