Rastafarianism: Meaning and Religion

 Rastafarianism: Meaning and Religion

Rastafarianism: From Bob Marley, to Dreadlocks, to Marijuana, Rastafari is celebrated by many. The correctBest books on rastafarianism

term is Rastafari, not Rastafarianism, which is a Religion for some. It is mostly practiced by people of Caribbean or African heritage. Only about 3 percent of the population in the Caribbean are Rastafari. How to Become a Rasta in 20 steps.

What is the Meaning of the word Rasta?

A Rasta is the term given to a person who believes in King Selassie I of Ethiopia as God andrasta prayer book_

or their personal savior. The same way Christians follow Christ, Rasta follow RasTafari. Rasta sometimes refer to him as “Jah.” Many Rasta beleive God manifested himself in a man, as King Selassie I, crowned King of Ethiopia in 1930. Rasta say The King, never dies.

Rastafarian Language: How to speak like a Rasta

Rastafarians have their own language. Its is full of meanings given to English words, that

only other Rasta’s understand…

  • Rastafarian language example #1 – The word “Babylon” = “Hell” or the lies andrastaman propaganda of today’s society
  • Rastafarian language exampe #2 – The word “Ital” = “Clean and Natural,” such as in “Ital Food.”
  • Rastafarian language example #3 – The word “Zion” = “Heaven” which Rasta believe is, Ethiopia.

rastafarian rules

  • Rastafarian language example #4 – “Fiya Bun” – “Get rid of that, it is of Babylon!”

Rastafarian Language is Easy to Learn!

Rastafarian language is not a real “language” per say, and it is, very easy to learn. The only difficulty one may have in the learning process is getting used to the accent of that particular Rasta, as Rasta come from all over the world, and speak with various accents. Learn some more Rastafarian Words and their meaning. 

Meaning of the Rastafarian Flag Colors?

The Rastafarian flag has a very important meaning in Rastafari and Reggae music culture. This flag is the representation of Jamaica, and Rastafari, and Ethiopia (Africa) combined. The power of the music, the culture of the people, the history and works of Jah, has been symbolized in the Rastafarian flag The Rastafarian Flag contains the Lion of the Tribe of Judah…Read more about the meaning of the Rastafarian flag here.

The Rastafarian Flag has 3 basic meanings…. 

  • Rastafarian flag reference to a person – The Lion of How to become a rastafarian
  • Judah Haile Selassie I
  • Rastafarian flag hope for the world – Love and unity for the World
  • Rastafarian flag acknowledges God – The African Nation as Jah land of Creation

But if you want a more in depth understanding and meaning of the Rasta Flag, click here. 

  1. 25 Rasta women and Rasta men’s names
  2. King Selassie I speech on Leadership
  3. What to buy a Rasta Gift Ideas
  4. How to cook Steamed Jamaican Cabbage

I want to buy my own Rastafarian Lion of Judah Flag

What is the correct order of the Rasta Colors?

The correct order of the Rasta colors is Red then Yellow and then Green. These are the spiritual colors of the Rastfarian faith.

How to Become a Rastafarian

To become a Rastafarian you will need to convert your lifestyle with some basic changes….

  • Ital Rasta food and learn how to cook Ital Rasta food recipes
  • Learn which foods are restricted in the Rastafarian lifestyle
  • Learn what the faith requires in terms of your beliefs
  • Learn The meaning of Dreadlocks and why Rasta even have dreadlocks
  • Learn How Rasta Honor Jah Rastafari

That is not everything. There is a lot more to make the transition. I just want people to know it does not start with dreadlocks and end with dreadlocks to become a Rasta. Its an inside thing really. I have always said, there is no point embracing a faith unless it does 3 basic things for you….

  1. bring you peace
  2. make you a better person
  3. Give you hope of fulfilling a higher calling for life

Just my opinion. Rastafari makes me a better person because I am a servant of Jah, which means I help people in need of help because of my faith. Rastafari gives me hope that I am fulfilling my works on this earth on my journey. Rastafari brings me peace, because I know Jah is always there, watching over me etc.

Ital Rasta food Recipes & Diet

Rasta do not eat, shellfish, meat, pork, goat, fish, chicken etc. Rasta are vegan. Rasta love food that is tasty but that fits with our Ital food Rules. Check out the following Rasta Recipes for some tasty Ital Food from my Rastafarian blog.

7 Ital Rasta Food Recipes:  Jamaican Ital Food Ideas

How to become a Rastafarian man

Rastafari is an easy spiritual way of life, but it is not for everybody. There are certain aspects of the faith some may find hard or difficult. Here are 3 very Basic Rules of the Rastafari Livity to consider…

  • Rasta do not go to night clubs
  • Rasta do not eat meat
  • Rasta do not sleep around without commitment to the Relationship and more.

Be a True Rasta, or don’t be a Rasta please!

queen ifricaI have been embracing the Rasta way of life for 9 years. All I can say is it’s all about Jah. Jah love, Jah commandments, Jah cleanliness and Zion destiny. It’s not for everyone. I know a lot of people embrace this faith because their boyfriend is a Rasta, or their girlfriend is a Rasta. However when a Rastafari witness someone wearing locks doing what they are not supposed to, yes I will say it…it is highly offensive. If you want to keep the babylon life please do it without the Dreadlocks on your head, without the red yellow and green clothing and accessories, and without calling on King Selassie I name etc. and hailing up another Rasta like you and them are family. I’m Just saying.

What are some Rasta Prayers?

Here is a Rastafari morning prayer from my my Rasta Blog….

lion of judah scepter book

“Good Morning Jah, in the name of His Imperial Majesty, Holy Emanuel I, King Selassie I.

I and I give thanks for this blessed day. May all the land be touched by your presence beauty and power.

Keep I and I protected from Babylon tricks and adversity.

Give I and I strength to survive another Day in Babylon.

Bless I and I that I may maintain a positive loving caring and sharing spirit as I serve you Jah on this day.

Keep Satan and his workers out of I and I path as I trod the earth today.

In the name of King Selassie I, Holy Emanuel I.


Do I have to Convert to Rastafari?

convert to rastafariRastafari does require a Conversion to embrace it. Its spiritual so naturally there will be some changes to your physical life. Even Born Rasta once they come upon the realisation that they are not of Babylon will make some adjustments to the way they live their life. I have a book called Convert to Rastafari, if you want to learn more about…

  1. The convert to Rastafari book will teach you – Which changes to make to your life and home to convert to Rastafari
  2. The convert to Rastafari book will guide you – How to make the spiritual shift and communicate with Jah to Convert to his laws and commandments
  3. The convert to Rastafari book  will explain to you – The meaning of Dreadlocks as a Rastafari
  4. The convert to Rastafari book will teach you – The facts, principles, and knowledge that other Rastas know about the Faith, our Leaders, their lives, and the stories of the bible that are important in Rastafari culture.

Don’t wait until you are in a room filled with Rasta’s who are reasoning and you have no clue what they are reasoning about….get this book, and convert to Rastafari. I had my moments of embarrassment even as a born Rastafari. Get the book and test yourself until you know the facts without the Rasta book.

Ital food rules as a Rastaman or Rastawoman

What is the name of the Rastafarian Bible Rasta’s Read?

Rasta’s do not have a bible per say. But I can refer you to some Rasta Bible options.

rastafarian rules

Rastafarian dietary restriction

  • The holy Piby – Known as the Black Mans Bible. I have never Read it. But people have said good things about it.
  • The Kebra Negast – I have read this. I did like it because it includes the story of how the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon met and created a baby who would become King Selassie I predecessor.
  • Rasta Bible – It has some of my favorite books of the King James Version bible in it. I use these verses for meditation and to stay wise in Babylon.
  • King James Version Bible – Many Rasta do read this book. They say it give them Wisdom.

So there is no Rasta Bible, but Rasta are natural seekers of truth. So we read many books for spirital overstanding, and spiritual enlightenment. 

Rastafarian Names to choose from as a new Rasta

Many Rasta, once they start to embrace the faith, change their name. This is a big part of the conversion to Rastafari I mentioned earlier. The reason is to commemorate a new spiritual beginning. A name is chosen by the Rasta, or given to the Rasta by other Rastas. The spiritual name is respected, and seen as an acknowledgement of Jah in the Rasta, and his new journey cleanliness and truth under Jah.

I need help choosing my Rasta name

Looking for a list of Rasta names to choose from. Rastafaran names. However I have also created a page and a video to help you come up with your own Rastaname. Watch the How to create your own Rasta name video here.

Jamaican Men: Dating a Jamaican man – 21 Things

Visit my new Blog “Jamaicanlove.org” for article on Jamaican men, Dating_a_Jamaican_ma_Cover_for_Kindle2Jamaican Recipes and more…

New Rasta Blog Posts & Pages in 2017

  1. 7 tips & Guideline – How to cook Ital Rasta food at home
  2. Rastafarian names – Rasta names for women & Rasta Names for Men
  3. Rastafarian Language – Its easy to speak like a Rastafarian
  4. True Rasta – 20 Characteristics of a True Rasta
  5. How to Dress like a Rasta woman – Simple rules and guidelines
  6. How to become a Rastafarian man ebook






life as a rasta woman







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