How to Become a Rastafari Empress

How to Become a Rastafarian Woman

queen ifricaI know Rastafari is Forever growing. So I thought I would do a blog post just for the ladies. There are many women from all over the world who desire to embrace the Rastafari faith, but are unsure how to live as an Empress day-to-day.

There are some basic things you will need to know before I get into the specifics.

Rastafari is not a Religion – we do not speak of our faith as a Religion but more as a faith or way of life.

Rastafari is a spirituality of Royalty – We must carry our selves as Empress at all times. This means being a role model to our community and the younger ones around us at all times.

Rastafari is an awarenesss – If you are seeking a set of rituals to embrace, Rastafari is not for you. Rastafari is of the heart, an energy that is loving free-flowing, and values freedom, nature at all times.

Life as a Rasta Woman

How to be a Rastafari Empress


Rasta Rules for Women made easy!

rastafarian rules for women


Dreadlocks are a symbol of Rastafari culture and adherence to the Rastafari livity. Rastafari women take special care to cover their locks when judy mowattout in public. However we make the exception for Rastafari African or Caribbean events if we feel comfortable with out hair showing. To be a Rastafari Empress the dreadlocks are a must. This is how we set our selves apart from the people of Babylon, and represent Jah the creator the Most High who lives in all things, and knows all things. Dreadlocks as Rastafari Empress are a symbol of Love, creation, the First man and woman, Ethiopia and much more.

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Respect for your Kingman

As a Rastafari Empress Respect for your Rastaman is of the utmost importance. This means no yelling at your Kingman, or not letting him speak and say his peace. Also when in public a true Rastafari Empress will not disagree with her Kingman but only support him to show others that you are a loving and united front. Can you imagine Empress Menen disagreeing with King Selassie I in public. I think not. Treat your Kingman in the same manner. Always show your Kingman you will do whatever he asks of you because you love him in the same light that Jah loves him.

Clothing and Attire

how to becom rasta empressA Rastafari Empress is always mindful of how she is dressing. She avoids clothing that is revealing, or too tight to the body. We are sure to cover our buttocks area, and not to wear shirts or dresses which accentuate the bust line. As spiritual  Role Models of Royalty, a Rastafari Empress must dress modest yet Feminine at all times. Comfort is also a big priority for Empress, Rastafari Empress wear flat shoesWhat are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians?, long skirts, and clothing that is versatile for both in and outdoor activities and includes the Rastafari colors of Red Yellow and Green.


WHAT are the founding beliefs of Rastafari Culture?

download (1)



Natural vs. Unnatural Appearance

Most Rastafari Empress choose not to wear makeup. If you are an Empress who chooses to wear makeup, be sure to choose colors that are natural and down to earth. This means no red lipstick, no eye shadow, and maybe eyeliner on very special occasions only. Rastafari Empress who are embracing the faith deep do not wear any Jewelry. However many Rastafari Empress do wear Jewelry but only of Natural fibres such as wood, or shell, we call this “Rasta jewelry.” As Empress we embrace a natural appearance to Salute the Most High and let our natural beauty shine out to the world.

Embrace African Culture

As a Rastafari Empress, one of your jobs is to Embrace African Culture, and to teach the Rastafari Livity to your children. We understand Rastafari is an awareness. We want our children to have the same wisdom and understanding as well. Things such as…

  • Respect for other nations and cultures
  • Keeping the commandments of Jah
  • Clean and Righteous thinking
  • That Jah the creator resides in all living things
  • This is how a Rasta woman embraces the Rasta Way of Life

Keep the Principles of the Rastafari Livity

A Rastafari woman lives by all the principles of the Rastafari livity. There is no acceptation. Things like Avoiding Satan’s temptations, eating natural unprocessed foods, and putting Jah first in all things that we do. The Rastafari Livity is about living modest, Humble and loving. However there are times when an Empress must stand firm. We try our best to use love to make our point as much as possible.

How to Be Rastafari Empress.


*   “How to Become a Rasta”“Rastafari: Beliefs & Principles” (new 2014)*

“Rastafari: African American Spirituality”“How to Date a Jamaican Man”“White Rastafari” *

Available on

Check out my blog post entitled: Rastafari rules for women


Should a Rasta woman wear these clothes?


Clubbing black tightswallet with magazine printLarge oversized wallet with magazine print20180413_064842

Rasta Books: Rasta Way of Life books







life as a rasta woman







19 thoughts on “How to Become a Rastafari Empress

  1. hello, is there any chance we can contact you? We run a jamaican dating site and we wanted to speak to you about it and maybe posting opportunities at your blog?


  2. Greetings..
    A request Empress, if I may have your email. To be a Rastafari Empress meaning to be a role model to a community and the young ones. Meaning living with spirit of love, humbleness and most of all respect put Jah first the Most High and knowing He resides in all living things.. I want to be that Empress, with your great help ofcouse. Respect!


  3. Greetings Empress. Hope you are well.

    I am a British woman of Caribbean decent who wants to follow the path of Rastafari. It has been in my thoughts for many years, but I’m fully able and ready to commit now.

    I have read a couple of books by Empress Yuajah and have a couple more to read;
    Rasta Bible: Rastafari Spiritual Wisdom [Kindle Edition]
    Life as a Rasta Woman: 20 Rules & Principles for Living as a Rastafari Empress [Kindle Edition]
    Rastafari; Beliefs & Principles [Kindle Edition]

    I am alone in my journey and only know one Rasta, but he is not committed. I’m looking for guidance other than books.

    Would you be willing to advise on what I should do?

    Blessings to you Empress


    1. thanks for mentioning my books. Rastafari is a life long learning process, because Satan is always chasing Rasta. Yes, Empress.
      Many Rasta are not committed to the faith…Babylon has brainwashed them.
      I am always willing to give advice. Ask about any questions ….I was spiritually told this morning I should offer a course on this matter. still considering it.


      1. Blessings and thank you for your reply.

        I have now read ALL of your books and found them very helpful indeed.

        I was hoping for weekly mentoring or something like that, as I’m sure you’re a very busy woman. I’m not sure where to start, how to start or if it even matters where you start.

        I think a course would be extremely helpful for those of us you are not in contact with other Rasta’s, as long as it was affordable. Or perhaps a webinar?

        Any mentoring you are able to provide would be gratefully accepted.


        Ann Marie


  4. Bless up Empress, I too have been spiritually drawn to RasTaFari faith for a few years or so. I believe because of my mixture of many cultures I’ve lived in an energy of mass confusion. As well of fear of rejection and non believers of my faith direction. I took two years to find within myself…..jah and a more spiritual me. My journey has only begun yet my desire is deep and dedicated to reform the rest of my earth days fulfilling my Empress duties.. I humbly request your guidance and resources. Give blessed thanks for you Empress.


  5. Greeting Empress Yuajah, I am a daughter/mother/sister/auntie/ecetera, I am ready to change my way of life. I need guidance, don’t get me wrong , I grew up with Rasta’s in the virgin islands, and live amongst, I continue to eat natural organic non-GMO foods and live a quality respectful life. My question to you is: I still work in the corporate world, how do I wrap my head every day and not offend these Europeans(minorities) who set up their laws of wearing head pieces and be able to support and have them respect my choice of attire (which does not interfere with my performance). This has always been a stigma in the work place. Even more so since after the incident DONE ON US SOIL. Prior incidents were women in the work place with braids.
    My 2nd question: Can you connect me to a sister in NY that is offering mentor ship/teaching the ways and living for a Rastafarian princess/queen/empress??
    Peace and much blessing—I do encourage you with the creators blessing to start a class on youtube or through conference calls EVERY SUNDAY


      1. Greetings empress jah bless umm was jus wondering if you cld help me. I am rasta by birth and am only begining to manifest now. Iam from the capital of Zimbabwe in africa. My mama is of the same faith buh still in denial she’s 51 yers old. Am 17 years old. We attend the church of John Wesley the methodist and life is doing good for us. Its only that i feel that i have to dig deeper roots in the rasta way of life because it is generally who i am. The question: Would it not affect my church morals of the methodist because i was born in this church and baptised in it too. Both my parents were also born and raised in this church?


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