10 Jamaica Vacation Warnings

jamaica vacation book coverThis is my new ebook. I wrote it while I am in Jamaica. Read it and take it with a grain of salt. I wrote it for you to know the truth. Jamaica is a great place to vacation, but sometimes, things can get out of hand. Just take it with a grain of salt.

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“Rastafari Royals” (a fiction book)

Hi guys. Well, I am starting to look at my life in new ways. One of things I am trying to do lately is try new things….let me get straight to the point.

I am writing Rastafari Fiction. Yes! Rastafari Fiction! Yeah weird. But it is truly one of the few ways I can teach Rastafari and get my point across.

anyway here is a sample of my book. …

Kingly Screamed Rexellas name as he barged into the Hospital room where she had just given birth.

He was huffing and puffing as he asked her the question that had been bothering him the whole way as he drove to the hospital.

“Did you name her yet?”

Rexella found it odd, he didn’t ask to hold the baby. She didn’t expect a kiss on the cheek, as it was against Jamaican and Rastafari Culture to show romantic affection in front of a parent. But he didnt even ask how Rexella was doing.

“Well…” Rexella looked at Kingly Quizzically..wondering why he was asking such an odd question.

“We….decided on Emily…Right?”

“Emily…?” Kingly doubled over struggling to catch his breath. “No, No, No!”

He finally stood up straight and and waved both his hands , and shook his head in negation.

Rexella wondered if he had been smoking Marijuana before he arrived, but knew that that was part of his Religion and resisted asking him outright.

“We cannot name her Emily!” Said Kingly with a force that made Rexella angry and uncomfortable. Rexella really started to second guess herself. She felt perhaps she married Kingly for all the wrong reasons….For Royal wealth, For his sexy Jamaican swag…

Maybe she had made a big mistake….Maybe she made a mistake in following her heart.

Maybe these Rastafari Royals really were “Devil worshippers,” and “Satanists” “with dreadlocks” as her sisters had warned her. Maybe it was time to consider moving back home.

King Heights was sitting in the Armchair across the room. The Royal Heights Family did not believe in the use of technology,  such as laptops, or televisions, but King Heights did carry a cell phone for emergencies, Just as Kingly was telling Rexella they could not name the baby “Emily” King Heights Received a text from Empress Decca….

“So, what are we going to name her?” Rexella asked Kingly very slowly and deliberately as she she struggled inside her self to understand why her husband wanted to change the name of their newborn baby girl at the last minute, and in fact after she had already been born.

Kingly thought Rexella looked extra beautiful as she now had a “glow about her, as she was sitting up in the hospital bed.

“Oh I don’t know…” Kingly tried to make himself sound as if he was hesitating…

If Rexella knew that Kingly wanted to change the name of their Daughter, something they had discussed months ago, based on the word of his Mother, Kingly knew Rexella would “dig her heels in” and refuse. Kingly knew Rexella didn’t really understand Rastafari.  Sometimes he knew it was just better not to explain.

King Heights suddenly stood up and awkwardly interjected….

“Daughta… Can I have a word with Kingly for a minute?

Rexella liked it when King Heights called her “Daughta.” It made her feel special…like a part of the family.

“Yes, of Course.” replied Rexella, as she swaddled and rocked her beautiful new baby girl, some more. King Heights could ask Rexella to have or to do anything. She trusted him….he knew she would always say yes.

King Heights walked over to Kingly and gently ushered him out of the room. smiling at Rexellla as he tried  to appear nonchalant, and in control of his emotions.

When they were outside the Hospital room door…King Heights asked Kingly with an Urgency in his eyes …

“….Did you bring the bible?”

“Yes! It is in my backpack!”


Thanks for reading…sorry if it sucks!