Simple Jamaican Ital food (recipe)

cabbage-salad-main~s600x600For those of you who don’t know Ital means (Vegetarian) or non meat meal. Mostly Rastafari people use the word Ital to describe non meat vegetarian cooking. I thought it would be fun to post a simple recipe for an “Ital” Jamaican meal. You can add meat or fish to it if you like.

How to make Jamaican Style Rice and Peas (the easy way)

  1. No Jamaican meal is complete without “rice and peas.” When I make rice and peas – I cheat. I don’t like laborious cooking. It wears me out.
  2. Go to the Caribbean or Asian market and buy (“Mr. Goudas”) Red Kidney beans in the can.
  3. Go home and cook some white rice, just the way you like it.
  4. Dump the kidney beans (comes already cooked in the can) into the white rice. Voila! You have Jamaican style Rice and Peas!

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Jamaican Style Green Banana

If you want to even pretend to be Jamaican, you have to know how to cook up some Green banana!

  1. Go to your local market and buy some green banana
  2. Go home and slice the bananas in 2 width wise
  3. Then make a slit only skin deep length wise on both halves (this will cause the bananas to be able to breathe as you boil them)
  4. Throw them into some boiling water
  5. Boil until you can poke your bananas through the skin easily
  6. I find I boil mine for about 30 minutes for them to get very tender
  7. when ready take them out, let them cool, mash them up and put some butter on them. (Great for kids, tastes like mashed potatoes)

Jamaican Style Boiled Cabbage

  1. Finely dice some cabbage,
  2. boil it just a little about 10 minutes
  3. Drain off the water
  4. fry the cabbage in some oil with some salt pepper and some onion and garlic
  5. Add Carrots or Green peppers if you like, for color and texture.
  6. Serve!

I highly recommend you try all three together to get the Jamaican food experience. But add some meat or some fish if you prefer. Thanks for reading my beauties. Jah Bless.


What food do Jamaican People eat?

I have a new blog post on my other blog, called “Jamaican food Culture.” which is packed full of information for newbies.

Green Banana

green bananaGreen Banana is one of my favorite Jamaican foods. It’s easy to cook, vegetarian friendly and tastes great with a little bit of butter. Also you can use it to plump up any meal. We boil the bananas in the skin while they are still green, and remove them from the pot when they are tender. I grew up with this so I just love the taste. It’s best to eat it with something a little salty. Also, its kid friendly. You can mash it up with a fork, and put that butter on it, and just watch the kid enjoy it. Yum!

Ackee and Salt fish

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAckee and Salt fish is Jamaica’s International dish. It tastes great and can be eaten at any time of day. You should eat it with something a little plain though cause its a little salty lol. Yes, we do often eat green banana with the Ackee and Salt Fish in case you were wondering. lol.

Fried Dumpling / Festival

Jamaicans eat a lot of fried dumpling. We usually eat it for breakfast with some plantain. Plantain is sweet and the dumpling is a little dull tasting so they go good together. We usually have this breakfast on a Sunday or Saturday morning, with some hot Chocolate. Oh I just love it. By the way some Caribbean people put a little sugar into the dumpling before they fry it, this is called “Festival.” Yum!!!

Rice and peas

Many Jamaicans eat Rice and peas many times per week. I just love it. Sometimes I eat alone. Every time I think about it i want to go and buy some or make some. I want to buy it right now. I love rice and peas! As for my spirituality I am not allowed to eat meat, so I like to cook Rice and peas. Many Jamaican People like to eat rice and peas for dinner with just about any other type of food.

Jerk Chicken

jerk chickenJerk Chicken is another popular international dish from Jamaica. One night after a party during the wee hours of the morning, I saw people lined up down the street in little Jamaica (here in Toronto) just to get some Jerk Chicken. I could not believe it. That is how much people love it. It is really good. I am vegan, so no more Jerk Chicken for me. Jamaican also make Jerk Pork, which from what I can remember was delicious back in my meat-eating days.

Stew Chicken

Stew Chick is my favorite Jamaican dish. It tastes like heaven. Then again, all Jamaican food tastes like heaven to me. I often buy Rice and Peas when I go to a Jamaican Restaurant, and ask them to put a little stew Chicken gravy on it. Yum.

One More Favorite!!!

I don’t think this one will excite you so much unless you have already tried it. Its called cabbage. lol Yeah it’s just cabbage-salad-main~s600x600called cabbage. But its the way it’s cooked. They slice it up, fry it in some oil, with some black pepper and some onion, it tastes like heaven. I know I keep saying that. But it really does taste like heaven to me. Get the Recipe for Jamaican Style Cabbage here.

Well that’s it for me….

Jah Bless, Ras – Tafari