21 Blogging Tips for “Newbie” Bloggers

  1. how to make money bloggingDon’t waste time on “free blogs” – I was one of those who thought “If I could just set up a free blog I will be well on my way to thousands of dollars per month” Um…no. Don’t waste your time blogging on free blogging platforms like blogger and filling it up with adsense…you won’t make any real money from that alone. Blogging is an art that requires more.
  2. Buy a USB stick! – I am now officially on my 4th USB stick since 2010 and in need of another one. They cost about $7.00 – $20.00 depending on the amount of storage space you need. Buy at least an 8 GB USB to save ebooks and blog posts on. Also, be sure to buy the USB stick that has a cover for the part that plugs into the laptop. My first USB stick didn’t have a “cover” (why they design them like that I don’t know) and it got ruined from some cigarette tobacco after I carried it in the bottom of my purse. My new one looks like this. It comes with a cover attached to it. Now my work is protected. This way I can blog on the go with ease.
  3. Go to the Library to blog – When I first started blogging I would go to the Library 7 days a week. I was determined to have a large blog site fast. I knew I could only achieve that goal by blogging every day. Going to the library removes distractions and sets your body clock into a work routine. I find when I go to the library, the studiousness of the people around me rubs off on me. I seem to blog more seriouslyearn-money-blogging at the library.
  4. Don’t give up your day job! – I was so determined to make money blogging when I first started that I did give up my day job. Making money from starting a blog takes time. It took me about 3 months before I got my first paycheck and about 1 year before I started receiving payments over $100 dollars. Granted I had very little guidance, and thought that if I read blog posts on blogging that I would know everything about blogging…Don’t give up your day job until you establish yourself as a seasoned blogger, and don’t accept free information about blogging as the holy grail.
  5. Blog what makes money – Some “learn blogging” businesses are pushing “blog your passion.” Bull sh*t! Passion alone doesn’t make money online. You have to figure out before you start a blog, what products can be offered to blog visitors for you to make some real money. Passion is just one part of the formula of successful blogging. Realistically you have to blog what’s going to make you money. You won’t make a lot of money building an information astrology website, for example, and then putting some Adsense code on it. That is not a business! At least not when your site is new.
  6. Choose a profitable domain name – Many bloggers choose their domain name without giving it too much for thought. Please allow me to be of some assistance. There are the two questions to consider when choosing a domain name. Do you want your blog to be about one subject? If so that is called a niche blog and many people search for niche blog information online. The second questions are….Do you want to be able to blog on any topic that interests you? If I had to start blogging all over again I would buy a domain name as my name (Empress10.com) and blog whatever I want. Then you can monetize any type of product without confusing your subscribers. Just something to be aware of. Affiliate marketers make a lot of money like this, or you could set up a “review” blog and companies pay you to blog about the products they send you to test out. Pretty cool huh?
  7. Write your first eBook under a pen name – This is something I would have done if I could do it over again. My first eBook sucked! I should have used a pen name. Now you can learn from my mistake and use a pen name then use your real name when you get better at writing. I am just saying.
    Write your first eBook… get it out of the way – your first eBook is probably going to suck! Anytime we do something for the first time, we usually don’t do it perfect. Know your first eBook is going to suck, and just do it and get it out of the way. You will do better the second time around.
  8.  Create a vision for your blog – think about your blog 10 years from now, where do you want it to be? What types of products or services do you want to be offering? How much money do you expect to be making? When we are mindful of our goals, we have a higher probability of achieving them just as we envisioned. Create a vision for your business blog 10 years from now.
  9. Read and check out other blogs! – Read, Read, Read. I am constantly visiting other blogs, and reading their content, to learn about, their blogging style in an effort to improve mine. I also read other blogs to see if I can get ideas on products or services to offer my site visitors. Again Blogging is an art; there are many different styles of blogging. Incorporate a little of everything and you too will develop your own blogging for money style.
  10. Don’t pay a lot of money to run your business blog- Don’t pay a lot of money to learn how to blog or to start a blog, or for anything else related. Some businesses online want you to pay out hundreds of dollars to learn how to blog and they still don’t tell you the things that matter. Another thing you shouldn’t pay a lot of money for is hosting. When I first started blogging I joined a hosting company that was charging me a hosting fee for each domain name I had and wanted to host. Back in the day this was the norm. As a new blogger this got to be too much for me. I had to make a switch. My old hosting company was charging me $50.00+/month. Now I pay only $14.00/month and host as many domain names as I want. I literally pay $14.00 to run my blog business online. That’s it!
  11. Blog 1000 words minimum per blog post – Back in the day there were no word minimums for blogging. Now I am learning that the best amount of words per blog post is between 2000-3000. It used to take me 3 hours to build a blog post, now it takes me 3 days. If you are in a very competitive niche, longer blog posts will give you the edge. If not, then 1000 words per blog post should be just fine.
  12. Put in the time! – People, who make money online, spend hours on their laptops. I have been known to spend 14 hours in one day on my laptop. That is work! Yes I love blogging, but there are times when my neck and shoulder muscles hurt from being hunched over my laptop all day. If you love to work alone, don’t mind working from home, don’t mind self promotion, and enjoy sharing your passion with others, then maybe blogging for money is perfect for you!
  13. Create a daily blogging schedule – When I first started blogging for money, I created a blogging work schedule. I would get up in the morning get dressed go the library and blog for a minimum of 3 hours. This schedule worked out well for me. Then when I started writing eBooks…I would come home from the library have something to eat, and then work on writing an eBook for 3 hours while at home. Blogging is work, structure it and you will succeed!
  14. Take breaks from blogging – Blogging is a job that sucks a lot from your thinking processes, which can drain you if you go over your limit. Take breaks throughout the day. Take breaks while you work. Take some weekend breaks too…Drink lots of fluids while you work. Your brain will need it.
  15.  Eat sleep and breathe your blog! – When you are just starting out it is important to fall in love with your blog. This helps to establish you as a leading authority, and helps to build blog posts and pages, so people know your blog is growing and getting stronger. Eat sleep and breathe your blog means, build it with love. Come up with blog post ideas late at night as you lay in bed. Think of topics related to your blog people may want to read about as an eBook, check out other bloggers in your genre to know what topics they are blogging about to get some ideas. Eat sleep and breath your blog and you will reap the financial rewards in the future.
  16. Save some of the money from blogging! – When you start blogging and getting paid, it may feel as if you are getting free money, but it’s not free money because you had to earn it. Blogging doesn’t feel like work because you set your own schedule and you don’t have to join a rat race. The truth is Blogging is a job…so put some money away and perhaps later you can invest it in your business and make even more money. Just FYI.
  17.  Brand yourself! – Do post a photo of yourself, choose a professional blog theme, be sure to create a cute little bio of yourself for the back of your books and your blogs “about” page. You are your brand. “Marie Forleo” has some great advice for those just starting out blogging and running a business. Google her. Or visit http://www.marieforleo.com
  18. Blog first thing in the morning – This is very important. Now that I have been blogging for money over 6 years, I now know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and waking up fresh and ready to begin blogging and working on my business. I have more energy and am able to express myself creatively, best in the morning. Blog in the morning when your mind is fresh and alert.
  19. blogging tipsWrite and promote your second eBook – Think one eBook is enough? You want to establish yourself as the go to person in your Genre. I now have about 8 books in print on Rastafari and Jamaican culture. The more ebooks you have and promote from your blog, the more people respect your opinion. Write your second ebook, and also get it out of the way.
  20. Stay in touch with site visitors– Stay in touch with your site visitors. Always have an email sign up form on your blog. This way, site visitors will know you are serious about your blog and that if they sign up they can read more of your work. When site visitors leave comments, be sure to comment back, this shows visitors you appreciate their input, and are an active participant on your own blog.
  21. Take my blogging for money ecourse – coming soon. August 30 2015