How to be a Rastafari Man

The role of the Rasta man is very special and important in Rastafari Culture. The priorities of the Rastafari man have been the same from day one and will never change.bob marley side image

  • Support and Look after his Rastafari Empress
  • Support and Mold and guide his Rastafari Children
  • Make sure food is on the table
  • Fill the home with Love and Teachings of Rastafari

Support and love for Empress

Rastafari is a spirituality that is based on Royalty. It is important that Kingman be a demonstration of what it means to be a King for his Empress. Kingman in Rastafari has the last word and must never be seen losing his cool. Kingman is the backbone to his family and must project calmness and strength at all times. The order of Rastafari is child, woman, man, then Jah.

Mold and Guide his Youth

rasta childRastafari Kingman is the leader in molding and guiding his youth. He is the one to implement discipline when needed, he is the one to make sure his children are walking the straight and narrow path, that leads to righteous holiness and purity in the eyes of Jah. Kingman must teach his children to be loving, to be faithful to Jah, to accept others as they are… but do not accept their ways or their lifestyle. For Rastafari Kingman knows there are many temptations and false truths in Babylon

Food and Love #1 Priority

The role of Kingman is to provide love and food for the family. A Kingman knows this, and does whatever he has to fulfill this role. In Rastafari it is ok for the woman to put food on the table, but it is the main concern of the Kingman to fulfill this position. All Kingman love his Children and Empress and work and provide for the family out of the Rastafari love of his heart, and the blessing, of his children and Empress from Jah the Almighty.

Love and Teachings of Rastafari

king selassieIt is the role of the Father of the home to provide teachings of Rastafari to the children. All Kingman teach their children the following…

  • About Leaders and lives of Rastafari  (Marcus Garvey, King Selassie I etc.)
  • Read the King James version bible to their children
  • The truth of Adam and Eve, Jah first created human
  • Jah the Almighty creator and what is pleasing and clean in his eyesmarcus garvey

Rastafari Men do not….

Every Rastafari man fulfills his duties to his family with love and understanding (overstanding). The Rastafari man is the backbone of the family providing love and support whenever possible, and as needed. Rastafari men, must not drink, smoke cigarettes, use foul language, or belittle his children, or comb the hair of his children. These things are considered sinful in the way of life of Rastafari.

Thank you for reading.

Jah Jah is the truth. Bless.

How to Be a Rastafari King



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