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I invite you to visit my boyfriend astrology website and blog

I have been using astrology in my life for many years and just decided to share my passion on my Jamaican love blog, today. I have a book you can download boyfriend astrology ebook for free from amazon too. Or buy it as a paperbank.

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Bob Marley Freedom FlagJamaican Chat room

About my Jamaican chatroom….Hi guys. First things first. I want to thank all those people who visit my blog and “like” my posts. I appreciate it so much. So, I have a new blog. There is not much there right now…but I have big plans for my new blog. You may be wondering….why on earth did you need another blog? Well, I have to be free, and this new blog will help me to do that.

The first thing I want to tell you about is my Jamaican chatroom. Please visit. I want people to go there. I cant tell you that there is people there…it is new. But they say the hour people are using the internet the most is 8:00pm. Remember that. Check out my Jamaican Chat room sometime, and talk about Jamaican men etc.

Rasta Shop (Jamaicanlove) on etsy

Rasta Necklace Marcus Garvey ColoredI also wanted to tell you about my Rasta shop where I display my big beautiful beaded Rasta Necklaces. I love to bead, and I love to bead Rasta Jewelry. My Rasta shop is new too. so there are not that many items…but in time I will fill it up. I love big things….so I don’t bead anything small. Maybe that will be my signature over time. So check out my Rasta Shop online sometime.

New Rasta Book

I was wanting to write a new Rastafari book for a long time now. I wasnt so sure what to call it. I have two possible names. Rastafari, or Rastafari Living. Well this book is very special to me, because I feel there are some things about Rastafari that have not been said that I feel will help people, to understand what this spirituality is really all about. Rastafari is special and it is not a religion. I try to drive that point home in this new Rasta book that I am writing.

Rasta Blog

Learn about Rastafari You can learn about my experiences and perspectives as a Rastafari Empress on my other blog. Jamaican Rastafarian Love. It is important for me to share these things with you because I feel it makes the world a better place if we bridge the culture gap.

That is it for me. Love light and blessings to all.


Jamaican Men; 21 Things about dating a Jamaican man (the eBook)

How to Date a Jamaican man

I have just finished my mini e-book entitled “Jamaican men….21 things about dating a Jamaican man.” I am so happy that it is finished and available. If you were looking for a tell all book about white women who date Jamaican men and some of the pit falls this is it. It’s not so much about American Jamaican men, but more about Jamaican men living in Jamaica and the way they think.

Many women are visiting Jamaica and falling in love. This is happening for 2 reasons

  1. More and more people are travelling now a days…
  2. Jamaican men have a natural ability with women…

Many foreign women are not used to this…and can easily be taken advantage of….Just saying…

This book was previously called….

This book was previously called…dating a Jamaican man; 12 things American women need to know….but I have changed it……

Here is an excerpt from the book (the beginning)….


“…Jamaican Men;

 “21 things about dating a Jamaican Man”

Empress Yuajah

Copyright © 2013 Empress Yuajah

All rights reserved


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Jamaican men

This book was written with the woman who lives abroad who is dating a Jamaican man living in Jamaica, in mind. Complicated huh?  But the truth is many women from America, Canada, and the UK are presently enduring this type of love affair, with a Jamaican man.

Not every Jamaican man is what you think he is. Perhaps you don’t know his mind, and you don’t understand his heart, which is why you are reading this book. I have volunteered to act as a translator on your behalf. I could be telling you what you want to hear so that Jamaican men can have their way with you. But as a fellow woman, I created this book out of pure honesty, and empathy.

2 Types of Jamaican Men

My mother used to tell me “there are 2 types of Jamaican people. The dutty Jamaican with no manners, who behave ignorant, and speak improper English, and the nice and decent Jamaicans, who have manners and self-respect, and speak properly.”

I am here to tell you, there are 2 types of Jamaican men the ones who cuss some long dirty bad words, possibly having learned this poor behavior by living in the Ghetto…who yell and raise their voice to a woman without batting an eye lash. Then there are the Jamaican men who are nice and decent, who have manners, and show respect for others and themselves. This is important to know, when dating a Jamaican man. If you happen to run into one of these

ignorant and indecent Jamaican men, rid him from your life quickly, or you may end of regretting it for a very long time.

My “Ignorant” Jamaican man experience

I used to date a Jamaican man who was very ignorant. I didn’t know it when I met him though.

On the day we met, he was decked out in Rastafari Gear, he smelled of natural herbs and incents, and I assumed he was humbled and cultured. I was of course flattered by this Jamaican man, his beautiful Jamaican accent, and his immediate invitation for me to visit him at his home.  Something kept on nagging me not to go over to his house, but he persisted with many phone calls….”

Buy Jamaican Men on here.


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No more of other peoples Garbage for me!

garbageI have recently decided not to carry other peoples garbage around with me. I have had to make a real effort on this because I am a very sensitive person. Other people can really fill you up with their garbage. What am I talking about. I am talking mostly about judgments and other peoples negativity towards me. I will tell you how I am doing it, but first let me tell you a little more specifically what I am talking about.

It seems every person in my life is out to change me except for a few very close and meaningful friends. All others are out to change me. One guy even told me, that if I am not willing to banish my plans of going to Jamaica and starting my life there, he is not willing to be friends with me anymore. Needless to say, we are not friends anymore. I thought he was ridiculous  I really enjoyed talking to that person, but to me him trying to change me is garbage and foolishness and I don’t need it.

I had another guy who I loved so much (as a friend) who insisted that we pretty much move in together and start having children yesterday! I thought he was moving way too fast, considering he had done the same thing in his last relationship, and is now a Father to 2 children with whom he does not live with. In other words he moved way too fast and now he and that woman are separated.  Too much Garbage.

Then there is the people who have their own negative judgments of you based on who knows what without even knowing you.

I have decided to get rid of the Garbage. Here is how I am doing it.

  • I show an abundance of more love and respect to those who show love and respect to me
  • I read my bible daily to keep me in a positive frame of mind
  • happy faceI ignore those who disrespect me
  • I keep a book of my thoughts, so that I can write down what I am thinking and feeling and release it

I know the life that best suits me, because I know my own heart. The bottom line is nobody understands you like you! You know yourself best. What you need, what you are about, where you are planning to go. Do not hold other peoples Garbage like Judgments and criticisms of you in your head. You are a Child of The Most High, created in his light, that is all that counts.

I am releasing other peoples negative, unproductive, Satanic garbage from my head.

Love and Blessings to all.