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Convert to Rastafari: Paperback book

convert to rastafari

Hi guys I have a new book. I worked really hard on this book “Convert to Rastafari,” to provide pertinent information to those seeking guidance to live the Rasta way of life. I would like to share with you the table of contents and the book cover. I hope you like it. By the way, I had another one with the same title. But I have changed the inside and the subtitle. Convert to Rastafari the book, If you order it, and read it…I would really love for you to leave your feedback.

paperback book on

Its only available in paperback, because people are getting too hung up on the title instead of the contents of the book. Its kind of like someone judging you by your skin color instead of by your character. The content and quality is what should matter, not your preconcieved ideas….Blessed Love.

Table of Contents and book beginning

Convert to Rastafari

85 Tips, Principles & Teachings to Convert to Rastafari

By: E.Y.

Copyright © 2017 E.Y

All rights reserved.



Rasta Livity Books on

(coming soon in Sept 2017)DEDICATION

For all the Men and Women who aspire to live as Rasta, and embrace the livity to the fullest.

Jah Rastafari.

  1. What is a Rasta? 13
  2. Beliefs of Rastafari (7) 15
  3. Marcus Garvey: Our Prophet (1) 19
  4. Haile Selassie Teachings (6) 21
  5. Haile Selassie Facts Every Rasta Knows (8) 27
  6. “Rasta to Rasta” code (6) 32
  7. Bob Marley Interview: His Beliefs in Jah Rastafari (1) 41
  8. How to Pray as a Rasta (6) 47
  9. Bible stories about Rastafari (3) 56
  10. Rasta Language: Common words  & Phrases (10) 82
  11. Ital Rasta Food Laws (8) 87
  12. Lion of Judah Flag Meaning (5) 92
  13. Meaning of Dreadlocks as Rasta (10) 95
  14. Convert to Rastafari (Vow)  (9) 101
  15. How to Choose Your Rasta Name (5) 112

A book titled “Convert to Rastafari?”

convert to rastafariYes, I am aware that one cannot Convert to Rastafari as Rastafari is not a Religion. I am Tafari, I am aware. However there are many people today who are becoming aware of “the light of Jah,” and seek guidance to live this way of life.

Rastafari is a spiritual blessing for those who seek it.

Rastafari is a way of life that acknowledges Jah is some very specific, special and spiritual ways. Why must one go to a bald head for guidance on Rastafari? Why learn the livity from someone who is a student of the livity themselves?

Rastafari teacher, for Rastafari Students…Yes Jah, Give Thanks!

It is my work as Rasta on the Journey, to provide Jah Rastafari guidance to those who seek it. To embrace Rastafari is a blessing. Convert to Rastafari is my way of sharing this blessing of my faith, with those who want to embrace it too. The more Rastafari minded individuals we have on the earth, the better the world will be.

Blessed. Love.

Thanks guys. If you want to check it out on you can do so by clicking here—->>>>> convert to rastafari.

What is a Rasta?

A Rasta is a person who loves and respects, and is spiritually aware of, the earth, himself, King Selassie I, Jah, and Jah creations. There are some basic beliefs and principles, that every Rasta lives by, that you should be aware of, before you convert to Rastafari.

Rasta Way of Life book Life as a rasta woman book






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What are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians?

Rastafarian Food Laws


What are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians? by Empress Yuajah

Answer by Empress Yuajah:

Well…we have many dietary restrictions…however, it depends on how that Rasta chooses to follow the Rasta Livity (faith). Deeply or not so deeply.

  1. Rasta do not add salt to food – Rasta believe Salt is something that creeps upvegb20121218sg (1) and causes illness in the body. More Jah spiritually without the salt.
  2. Rasta don’t eat eggs (I don’t) – I don’t eat chicken or chicken embryos. Instead I eat tofu or vegan bologna (something like that)
  3. Rasta do not drink cows milk – Instead we often opt for Almond, or Soya Milk.
  4. Rasta do not eat any meat, or Chicken – Rasta love to eat fish, vegetables, fruits, and legumes.
  5. Rasta Refrain from drinking Alcohol – Beer included. Wine Included. Some Rasta consume Alcohol.
  6. Rasta do not eat Shell fish – We believe shell fish are dirty because they clean the bottom of the Sea. Rasta believe causes illness in the body.

Please check out my link on 6 rules to cook Ital Rastafood. Blessed.

Again all of these things depend on the individual Rasta. You will find Rasta who consume Alcohol…we are allowed according to our faith. We Rasta know our fate by our choices, so if you witness a Rasta doing these things….he is aware that it is against his fate. He is choosing his own destiny.

rasta prayer book_

Rasta have other Restrictions besides dietary. Read about them in my book Rastafari: Beliefs and Principles on amazon.

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What are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians?

Rasta Books: Rasta Way of Life books

Rasta Way of Life book Life as a rasta woman book







life as a rasta woman






What is the symbol of the Rastafari religion?

What is the symbol of the Rastafari religion? by Yuajah Wolks

Answer by Yuajah Wolks:

This is a great question and I am happy to answer it. The 2 “symbols” of the Rastafari Livity and Movement is…

  1. The Lion of Judah: A lion holding or carry a golden scepter with the Ethiopian flag of Red Yellow and Green, hanging off of it.
  1. The Jewish Star of David: The Star of David representing the Kings of Judah, from biblical times, including King Selassie I.
  1. Sometimes we Rasta and manufacturing companies like to combine the star of David and the Lion of Judah. Its a very common symbol on Rastafari clothing.
  2. “Rasta Prayers: Rasta Prayers and Healing Scripture” in the introduction of this book…I explain the purpose of both these symbols.
    Blessed Love. King Selassie I.

Check out my Rasta blog posts on…

What is the symbol of the Rastafari religion?

What/Who is “Jah Rastafari?”

emperor Haile Selassie I

Jah Rastafari King Selassie I

  1. King Selassie I  – King Selassie I (is) a man. We Rasta call him “Jah Rastafari.”
  2. God of Rasta people – Jah Rastafari is the God of Rasta People. But, if you ask a Rasta he/she will say, he is the god of “all people.”
  3. A Spirit Entity that lives – We Rasta never say King Selassie I is dead. We Rasta refer to H.I.M in the present tense. He is so powerful, and so necessary to life, that he lives forever…in spirit.
  4. The creator of Heaven and Earth Jah Rastafari is the creator of heaven and earth. Some people call him “God.” If you called upon me but not by my right name, I also may not answer.
  5. The spirituality of NaziritesRastafari is the spirituality of the Nazirites of the biblical times. Rastafari is of today. Same spirituality. “no razor shall come upon his head” Rasta Dreadlocks grow and flow and hang down low.
  6. Jah Rastafari beliefs of Rasta people – Jah Rastafari is the name of our spirituality. Rastafari people are the people who know Jah Rastafari is the creator. We are also called “Rasta.” For short.

I hope this helped to clarify how Rasta use the term “Jah Rastafari.”


Jah Rastafari

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

Please check out my book entitled “Jah Rastafari/”


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Rasta way of life book


Welcome I am so happy that I now I completed writing my book. “Rasta Way of Life.”

Here is the first section

Rasta Way of Life

Rastafari Livity Book


Empress Yuajah

Empress Yuajah Books/Blogs

“Rastafari African American Spirituality”

“How to Become a Rasta”

“White Rastafari”

My hope is that you seek to to uplift your self in spiritual truth and to embrace a faith that increases patience, love, wisdom, “overstanding,” spiritual awareness, & self centeredness.

May the “Jewels of Jah” be revealed to you through the Gift of the Rastafari way of life.

Table of Contents

Blessings of Wisdom

What is Rastafari?

What is a Rasta?

Beliefs of Rasta about God?

What is The Rastafari Livity?

The Spiritual Duty of Rasta

How to Convert to Rastafari

Write it on your heart!

Living Natural as Rasta

Typical Food Ideas of Rasta

Dreadlocks hair Washing Rasta

Cleaning of the Home (during the Sabbath)

Rasta Ital Soup

“Run Down” – Popular Jamaican Breakfast

Jamaican Curried Tofu

The Role of Men in Rastafari

The role of women in Rastafari

Guidelines for dressing as Empress

Guidelines for dressing as Kingman

No Clothing with inappropriate language or words

How to Submit to your Empress or Kingman

10 Essentials of a Rastafari Home


Marcus Garvey



King Selassie I

king Speeches



“The Bible”

10 Facts of Rastafari

Why Do Rasta Love King Selassie I so much?

How to get into Zion

The Virtuous Wife

Proverbs 31:15


What’s not allowed as Rasta?

Is King Selassie I talked about in the bible?

he Destiny of the Righteous

The Destiny of the Wicked

The Importance of Virtue

Whats Next…?

Bible Verses Of Rastafari Overstanding

Blog/Websites of Overstanding

Blessings of Wisdom

18 My child, from your youth choose discipline,

and when you have gray hair you will still find wisdom.

19 Come to her like one who plows and sows,

and wait for her good harvest.

For when you cultivate her you will toil but little,

and soon you will eat of her produce.

20 She seems very harsh to the undisciplined;

fools cannot remain with her.

21 She will be like a heavy stone to test them,

and they will not delay in casting her aside.

22 For wisdom is like her name;

she is not readily perceived by many.

23 Listen, my child, and accept my judgment;

do not reject my counsel.

24 Put your feet into her fetters,

and your neck into her collar.

25 Bend your shoulders and carry her,

and do not fret under her bonds.

26 Come to her with all your soul,

and keep her ways with all your might.

27 Search out and seek, and she will become known to you;

and when you get hold of her, do not let her go.

28 For at last you will find the rest she gives,

and she will be changed into joy for you.

29 Then her fetters will become for you a strong defense,

and her collar a glorious robe.

30 Her yoke[c] is a golden ornament,

and her bonds a purple cord.

31 You will wear her like a glorious robe,

and put her on like a splendid crown.[d]

32 If you are willing, my child, you can be disciplined,

and if you apply yourself you will become clever.

33 If you love to listen you will gain knowledge,

and if you pay attention you will become wise.

34 Stand in the company of the elders.

Who is wise? Attach yourself to such a one.

35 Be ready to listen to every godly discourse,

and let no wise proverbs escape you.

36 If you see an intelligent person, rise early to visit him;

let your foot wear out his doorstep.

37 Reflect on the statutes of the Lord,

and meditate at all times on his commandments.

It is he who will give insight to[e] your mind,

and your desire for wisdom will be granted.

Sirach – King James Version Bible.


What is Rastafari?

Rastafari is a daily celebration of African Roots and Culture. The purpose of Rastafari is to guide one to live clean and pure that a person may be deemed “fit” (by Jah) to Enter Holy Mount Zion.

What is a Rasta?

A Rasta is someone who adheres to the Rastafari Livity (way of life). Rasta are “called” to carry “the light” of Jah Rastafari, and to deliver “the message” of this way of life to others. By this we can see that to embrace the Rastafari way of life is a responsibility and commitment of the heart.

Beliefs of Rasta about God?

Rasta know that God is Jah. that Jah is an “African” Spirit. That he is very loving, forgiving and very powerful. Rasta “know”that Jah created heaven and earth, the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, and he parted the Red Sea for the Israelites. “Jah” is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob spoken about in the scriptures of the Christian Bible. Jah “Raised up” King Selassie I as his Elect, to protect the Garden of Eden.

What is The Rastafari Livity?

The Rastafari Livity is a Celebration of African Roots and Culture that honors Jah. Rasta live life daily in all things they do to honor and show love for Jah, Jah Elect and Jah Creations. From the food that is cooked (Ital) clean and natural, to the way we wear our hair (in dreadlocks)fuss and vanity free, to the colors that we wear (Red Yellow and Green). Rastafari Livity is a commitment of love and honour to and for Jah, the Almighty Creator of all living things all the days of our life.

The Spiritual Duty of Rasta

  1. To love – As Rasta it is our Job to show love. Rasta does not reject love in any form. If someone asks us to do them a favor, we do it…to show even more love. If someone wants to give a Rasta a hug we do not refuse it. Some more ways Rasta show love is by being there for our friends and families, and Spending time in and surrounded by nature, to show Jah, the creator we love and appreciate the land he has given us. As Rasta showing love is one of the ways how we honour Jah.
  2. To Liv Free – To live Free as Rasta is very important. Rasta believes life should have no restrictions. As long as a person is not “hurting life” or “taking life”, one should live as one chooses. “Freedom” in life is the basis for being one with Jah. Freedom to love and honour Jah, Freedom to Roam, freedom to spend our spiritual time  as we choose… Just how Jah, the creator, intended!
  3. To be a “Servant” of Jah – To fulfill the duty of Rasta as Jah servant is very simple.Iit means helping and loving other people. As Rasta we see ourselves as “extensions” of Jah helping hand, heres on earth. Rasta allows Jah to “use us” as his instruments, to provide help, hope assistance whenever the opportunity presents itself. Rasta always say “yes” to opening the door for others, to carrying a grocery bag, to lending money to those who ask. It is the duty of Rasta to Serve Jah by serving his creations (others)
  4. To Enter Holy Mount Zion – The Purpose of the Rastafari Livity is to provide a guide for those who desire to enter Zion (heaven). Zion is where Jah, the Most High roams. There is only love, peace, light, freedom, wholeness, and Jah “light” in Zion. Only those with clean loving, Hearts can enter Zion. It is our Duty as Rasta, to follow Rastafari way of life, as our Guide.. so that our soul may enter Holy Mount Zion.


The book may be purchased on “Rasta Way of Life”

Serious Rasta Rant

This is my Serious Rasta Rant. Am I having a bad day? Yes. But there are some realities I want to get out. This is how I started my Jamaicanrastafarianlove blog in the first place. I wanted a place to put my thoughts feelings and experiences…

Ok so I was often asking my self this question, why do so many black men (and black women) want to marry and date outside their “Race?” (I use the term loosely) Well, for the longest time I was very judgemental about this. I thinking….
You hate yourself
You don’t know yourself
You just want to be white
You want to appear less black

Now I realize they want to save themselves and their children from pain. I face pain as a black woman in my life in Toronto Canada everyday. It all pretty much based on the color of my skin. If a person I am interacting with cannot see me, we have no problems and I usually get what I want.
when I have to hash our a problem face to face, some people just screw with me because I am black and they think its fun. Sometimes I think that people of other nations think that black women do not have feelings or thoughts. That it is socially acceptable to “dump on” a black woman…and they are absolutely right.

Today in all my pain I wondered…

Today in all my pain I wondered to my self? Where is there a black womans support group. It could be bible based or not bible based, there needs to be some sort of black women support group. We are making other people’s pockets rich because we do not like our appearance…we run into so many walls and we have no support. Ok I need to explain…

Beauty shop Education

I went to the beauty shop with a friend yesterday. This person is transgendered. Male to female. Whatever to me “she” is a person. So, we go to the beauty shop. She starts getting into it with the supervisor of the store because a week ago she was there and one of the black attendants refered to her as a “he.” So,. the request of my friend was that they should “hire some white European women” to work the floor because they are more open-minded to the Transgendered thing.

Fine…So the Supervisor eventually said, we hire black people because when black women come in here they want to see their own. Well I had to give her a quick education. I said “Miss, From a black womans mind…The truth is…black women do not want to look like black women…black women want to look like white women…” You should have seen the glazed look come over her face. Like I had just opened the door to increased profits for her. If she would bring more white women to work in there, do you know how much more bleaching cream they could sell, and blond weave? I know this sounds like I am making a joke, and I know not all black women think like this, but I have met many who do. I am not one of them, that is why I am so comfortable speaking about it, cause it doesn’t apply to me.

Making money off black pain…

The point is….people are making money off of black women’s pain and self-hatred of their natural appearance, and there is no support group? I guess I have to start it. There needs to be support. I keep meeting too many black women who do not know who they are, who do not know what Rastafari is, who are jealous of me because of the length of my hair, who are jealous of me because I know my self….who need to learn how to earn money independently….

We black women need each other…

Black women we need each other, the black community on a whole needs to unite. But I need a space online just for black women to uplift each oter. This is my serious Rasta Rant. I didn’t mean to offend any one.
Blessed. Love.


*   “How to Become a Rasta”“Rastafari: Beliefs & Principles” (new 2014)*

“Rastafari: African American Spirituality”“How to Date a Jamaican Man”“White Rastafari” *

Available on

New Rastafari Book on Beliefs & Principlels

Rastafari_Cover_for_KindleBlessed, my Angels. Sorry I have not posted in such a long time. I have a new book on It is about the Rastafari livity. Mostly the book is about the principles and beliefs that Rastafari live by. I included a section to help people understand the truth about where Rastafari came from. So its more for people who can handle the truth, and if they don’t like it wont have a hard time swallowing the truth. I also have some tips to help you enter Zion, and I describe the meaning of life according to Rastafari. Here is the description from ” This book is designed for those who want to deepen their awareness of Rastafari. Many questions answered…who created Rastafari and why? Why is King Selassie I so special in Rastafarianism? What are the Principles and Beliefs that Rasta live by day-to-day? What formula do Rasta use to enter Zion. What does it mean to live Natural in Rastafari? The truth of The truth of Rastafari and how it began still remains untold. Many books on Rastafari are written by non Rasta. Not this one. Learn the true meaning of Embracing the faith, as Self, Others, and Zion. 5 truths about the Almighty Jah, the meaning of life according to a Rastafari… ” I hope people like it. I truly believe Jah gave us all unique gifts and talents that we can share here on earth. But I also believe the more a man tries to be like the next, he will not be aware of those gifts. My book is unique, because it was written by me. I hope people like that. Dont forget amazons price match program too. Blessed. Rastafari. Sample the beginning of the book here…

Rastafari; Beliefs & “Overstanding”

By Empress Yuajah

Copyright © 2013 Empress Yuajah

All rights reserved.


Bob Marley

I Give thanks to the great Rastfari Artist & Musician, Bob Marley.  For opening the door for other Rasta to share and to teach Rastafari.


I give thanks to Jah. You gave me the greatest gift any living human could have. I am overwhelmed and in awe of your love every day.

Thanks and praises unto The Most High, Jah Rastafari

Also By Empress Yuajah




Table of Contents


#Beginning of “the black struggle”

Becoming a Rasta

#Rastafari as a Non-African

#Rasta  Altar?

#Rasta Home Decor

#The 10 Commandments

#“Jah Light”

#Holy Rastafari Covenant

#“The Lion of Judah” Flag

#“The Jamaican Flag”

#Sabbath & Holy Days

Spiritual/African Re-education….

#10 Cool Black Inventions!

#The Origin of the Israelites

#The Melanin of Black Africans

#The Johnathan Ferrell Story;

#Religion vs. Rastafari, for Africans?

#Death to the Black Nation

#The First Rastaman


#5 Truths about Jah

#Jahs first Created “Hue”-man

#Other Gods Do Not Exist

#5 Biblical Covenants of Jah

16 Principles of Rastafari




9 “Beliefs” of Rasta

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Bob Marley

King Selassie I

#The “Tribe of Judah”

#Protected the Garden of Eden



#“Peace No More War”

How to Enter Zion

#4 Reasons Why Rastafari “Fast”

#More about the fast

#The Meaning of Life

Rastafari is a spirituality of the heart. If you use your mind to understand something that is spiritual, you may miss the true essence and meaning of it.

As you read this book, know that facts and dates is not what Rastafari is about. Rastafari is a feeling, the feeling of Jah, Jah Love, and the relationship between him and his covenanted people.

May Jah bless you and guide you, that your heart may be opened, and your spirit may be filled with Rastafari knowledge, wisdom, and “Overstanding.”

Unity & Blessed Love. Rastafari.

2 As the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell on Abram. And behold, dreadful and great darkness fell upon him. 13 Then the Lord said to Abram, “Know for certain that your offspring will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years. 14 But I will bring judgment on the nation that they serve, and afterward they shall come out with great possessions. 15 As for you, you shall go to your fathers in peace; you shall be buried in a good old age. 16 And they shall come back here in the fourth generation, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.”


“…My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” – Hosea 4:6-7

What’s to “Overstand” about Rastafari?

If you embrace Rastafari without the awareness that Black people have struggled and still struggle today, then you really are not embracing the Rastafari faith as it truly is.

Rastafari is born of “the black struggle!” You can’t say you did not know. Let me repeat that. Rastafari was born of “the black struggle,” and the black nation still “struggle” today because of some very key components rarely discussed.

In this book you will learn…

  • The true reason black people have “Kinky” coily hair.
  • Tips to help you embrace the faith
  • The real Reason Rastafari was created, and by whom.
  • Guidelines on how to Enter Holy Mount Zion
  • The biggest Contributing factor of why black people continue to “struggle” today.
  • Rastafari is a spiritual “secret”

Rastafari is a “knowing”… Much of what I know as Rasta Empress, is not written in books. Besides, Babylon wants all of us to be like robots…without our own thoughts, just following along… knowing only what they want us to know, and doing only what they want us to do.

Rastafari wisdom and “Overstanding,” comes from Jah, and has been secretly written on the Rastafari heart at his/her conception! Yes at his/her conception!!! It is our Job as Rastafari (prophets) to share that truth and bring the light to the people….to help them to “Overstand” Jah light, and Jah living – Rastafari!

Beginning of “the black struggle”

The truth is the beginning of the “black struggle” started during biblical times in Egypt when the people of Israel were “servants” to the Egyptians as promised to Abraham(Abram) by Jah.

A life of Slavery (Servitude)

Genesis 15

12 As the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell on Abram. And behold, dreadful and great darkness fell upon him. 13 Then the Lord said to Abram, “Know for certain that your offspring will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years. 14 But I will bring judgment on the nation that they serve, and afterward they shall come out with great possessions. 15 As for you, you shall go to your fathers in peace; you shall be buried in a good old age. 16 And they shall come back here in the fourth generation, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.

The Israelites Oppressed – Exodus 1

“…1 these are the names of the (12) sons of Israel who went to Egypt with Jacob, each with his family: 2 Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah; 3 Issachar, Zebulun and Benjamin; 4 Dan and Naphtali, Gad, and Asher. 5 The descendants of Jacob numbered seventy[a] in all; Joseph was already in Egypt.

6 Now Joseph and all his brothers and all that generation died, 7 but the Israelites were exceedingly fruitful; they multiplied greatly, increased in numbers and became so numerous that the land was filled with them. Thanks for reading…to get the book visit and type Rastafari beliefs and overstanding…Rastafari, give thanks.


*   “How to Become a Rasta”“Rastafari: Beliefs & Principles” (new 2014)*

“Rastafari: African American Spirituality”“How to Date a Jamaican Man”“White Rastafari” *

Available on

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