What are founding beliefs of Rastafarianism?

What are founding beliefs of Rastafarianism? by Empress Yuajah

Read the book Rasta Rules….to learn more….below is the nutshell explanation.

Answer by Empress Yuajah:

Oh ok…You mean the beliefs that Rastafari was founded on…No human can really answer this question for you if they are not a Rasta. I will do the best I can.

  1. Black (African) People – These are the original and true Israelites/Hebrews, mentioned in the bible.Best books on rastafarianism
  2. Natural Living – Rastafari people believe natural living is best because it is Jah intended way for “man” to live, eat and thrive. (fruits, vegetables, mediation, live off the land etc) We also believe that when one “lives natural” he may induce a closeness and a oneness with the creator that is “unobtainable” otherwise.
  3. Jah is The Most High – There is a God. Life living by the word and directions of Jah, is a life that is prosperous, blessed, rewarding, feeds and uplifts the spirit.
  4. Judgement – Rasta believe in Judgement. We know that Jah will Judge every man woman and child according to their deeds. He gave us the 10 commandments to live by with other decrees and statues…he will judge each of us according to these.
  5. One Truth of God – (I have changed one of my answers.) The reason Rastafari exists is to educate people that there is one spiritual truth. That spiritual truth always has been, always will be, and never changes…The Nazirite Vow…now becomes Rastafari. The Life of Every Rasta is a Testament of God.

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This was a really great question. It Made me think deeply.

Blessed Love.

What are founding beliefs of Rastafarianism?


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