Jamaica Vacation: 26 Items You MUST pack!!

Jamaica Vacation:

26 Items You MUST pack!!



Here is a list of 26 Items I wish I brought on my trip to Jamaica, with me, or that I found I used a lot of when I was there. I hope it comes in handy for you. 

#1 – Condoms are a hot commodity in Jamaica – You may or may not need them. I am just because-you-probably-will-have-blizzard-sex-2-24845-1422308064-14_dblbigsaying. They are not always easy to get either.off-bug-spray-coupon

#2 – Bug/Mosquito Spray – Mosquito Spray. You will definitely need this especially at night. Like the one called “Off.”

#3 – Mosquito Coils – If you can get them in your native country. Bring them with you. if not Jamaica sells them. Now you will only need this if you visit the hills for a couple of nights. For some reason Mosquitos are attracted to foreigners, but do not bother locals. For real, no joke.

#4 – Lots of Face cloths – These are a must. Have them in abundance. Jamaica makes you sweat. You will use them to wipe your face, shower, wipe your mouth after you eat, and everything else in between. Just letting you know. Go and buy a pack of 5 for each person going on the trip.

#5 – Aloe vera gel for sunburn – Have this if you burn easily under the sun. Please bring 71Wu8keEplL._SY679_your own aloe vera gel with you every where you go. Bring at least 3 bottles have one in your hotel room and 2 anywhere else or to carry. One lady told me they got hustled all because they didn’t have their own aloe vera gel. So please bring your own.

#6 – Sunscreen – OK so I read sunscreen does not actually work. But for those who like it. Buy some… you are going to need it.

#7 – Portable Cups – Why not. Portable cups are always a good idea. Especially in a hot country.

#8 – Many sunglasses – Bring at least 3-5 pairs. Sunglasses get lost easily. Bring a set of 5 depending on how long you are staying. If you are not someone who usually wears them….you will now!81ZJtR4b9bL._SL1500_

#9 – Pepto-bism0l – You might want this. Only you will know. Or maybe some tums.

#10 – Baby Wipes – These are great to carry with you for quick freshen up. And believe me you are going to do a lot of freshening up especially when you are already out and away from home. carry these in your purse or back pack. 0307112_l

#11 – 2 pairs of flip-flops – Flip flops are great to have. Why not bring 2 pairs.

#12 – Lots of Body wash – I found I showered way more when i was in Jamaica than when I was back home. Jamaica is very hot. If you go out in the day, guaranteed you will need a shower when you get home. Body wash is best, because sometimes you do not feel like showering but you have to. Body wash makes showering quick and easy.  I like Dove, Dial, and Avon body washes.

#13 – Lots of 2 or 3 for the day underwear – Ok. You will need to have the amount of underwear to match the amount of showers you are going to take. No body knows what that number is so just be prepared. I say, have 2 underwear a day. If you do not use them, fine, but at least you got them.

#14 – underwater camera for Jamaica deep-sea excursions – If you plan to do any underwater adventures. It’s a good idea to get an underwater camera. I used to have one. loved it.

#15 – lots of large zip lock bags – These come in handy for a lot of things. Now check this out. 999999-6714070404On one trip just before I was leaving Jamaica, I stopped and bought my favorite perfume ever. No I cannot get it in my native country. Don’t ask me the name….darn it. anyway…if you want to carry any lotion or perfume back home with you..you will have to place them inside a large Ziploc bag or they will make you throw the perfume or lotion out. No the customs people do not care how much money it cost you or if you just bought it. So go get those large ziplock bags and save about 5 for your trip on the plane heading out. You can google this your self if you do not believe me.


20 Rastafarian Rules. Laws and Regulations



#16 – Your own knife fork and spoon – Depending how long you will be there….have your own knife fork and spoon. I get tired of using plastic cutlery sometimes. 5017275-GRY33-fallback

#17  Back Pack – Back packs are great when traveling, especially if you have children. Every person on your trip needs to have his or her own back pack.

#18 – water bottle – Water bottle. Always.

#19 – running shoes – IF you plan to go hiking, I would say running shoes or some good hiking shoes are a good idea. If you are staying for a month or more, just know that there are some roads in Jamaica that shoes only last so long on. ab-products-xtra

#20 – After Bite – OK this is especially for you first timers travelling to Jamaica. You will need the after bite. Mosquitos fall in love with you when it is your first time. It’s not the kind of falling in love you will enjoy though. YOu are gonna need that after bite. Write a list, go to the drug store…and get it. Right now!!!

#21 – Laundry detergent – Think most people would not bring this but you will need it.Tide_Ultra_Stain_Release_Liquid_Laundry_Detergent_D Laundry detergent is one of the hottest sellers in Jamaica. Why because clothes get sweaty and dirty very fast. There is no “wearing the item for the second time without washing.” Bring some laundry liquid detergent with you incase you want to do a quick wash of your favorite shirt or shorts by hand, and hang them to dry.

#22 – Ear Plugs – Some people are not ear plug people. I am. I use them for many reasons. When people are making too much noise, for sleep….so you may want to grab some…you don’t know.

#23 – Camera SD Card and battery – You want to have extra SD cards for your camera for. There are certain things you just do not want to have to try to find…while on vacation.

#24 – Bathing suit – Everybody likes to visit the beaches in Jamaica. Don’t forget your bathing suit/swim trunks.download (3)

#25 – Passport – Goes without saying Right. But I Just included it anyway. Plus of course any other I.D. That you may need for you trip. Drivers license etc.k

#26 – laptop and tablet – You probably want to bring your tablet or laptop for various reasons, such as posting your trip to Facebook and YouTube, or just capturing your trip to Jamaica for your own family to watch and enjoy. Just a reminder. Don’t for get plugs and batteries if needed.

Enjoy your trip/vacation to Jamaica. If you want to learn about the Rastafarian Culture in Jamaica, check out my best selling book. Rasta Way of Life. 









10 Jamaica Vacation Warnings

jamaica vacation book coverThis is my new ebook. I wrote it while I am in Jamaica. Read it and take it with a grain of salt. I wrote it for you to know the truth. Jamaica is a great place to vacation, but sometimes, things can get out of hand. Just take it with a grain of salt.

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Travelling to Jamaica for the First time? 7 things you should know.

  • Jamaica travel
  • Travel to Jamaica
  • What to know travel Jamaica
  • Jamaican Currency Exchange
  • jamaican men and women

I am from Toronto but my parents are from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I visited my Granny there when I was a little girl. now going back as an adult, it’s a completely different experience. I will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly as much as I can remember it. The last time I traveled to Jamaica was back in 2012 February. We stayed in Montego Bay Jamaica, you can read my blog post to learn more. I plan to go again January of 2013.  So here are the things about visiting Jamaica, I want to prep you for.

The Jamaican Currency

Jamaican currency

The Jamaican currency was very confusing for me. I know with time I would get used to it, but I found it confusing. First of all it took some time for my brain to accept it as real money, and secondly the conversion is so wide that, that in itself makes it more difficult. There is some good news though..

  • In Jamaica you can use American Currency
  • In Jamaica you can use Canadian Currency
  • Yes, they accept all 3 currencies everywhere

So What is the exchange rate?

  • It is roughly $1 Canadian dollar = $100 Jamaican Dollars
  • …$10 Canadian dollars = $1000 Jamaican Dollars etc

If you keep that in your head, it helps a lot. Spending money is something that must be done anywhere we go….learning how to convert Jamaican currency in your head before you buy something, will lessen the time spent making the “I am confused” face.

No Payphones at the  Jamaican Airport

I mentioned this in a previous blog post. unfortunately there are no payphones at the Montego Bay Jamaican airport. So if you think you are going to step of the plane and call a cab, or call a friend to come and pick you up, or make reservations for a Jamaican hotel, think again. No payphones. No phone calls. This was really hard on us…it was late at night…and we had to find a hotel. You will probably have to ask to borrow someones cell phone if you plan to make any phone calls from the Jamaican airport.

Expect to get overcharged

If you are just stepping of the plane, taking a taxi for example, expect to get overcharged. That is just the way it is in Jamaica. The good news is, Jamaican living is much less expensive than Canadian living so, what they call “overcharging,” is what we call “normal price.” That is a silver lining right?

Jamaican Danger!

Many people will warn you that travelling to Jamaica is of high risk. Well, it’s not that simple. Doing anything in life involves some risk. It’s a matter of knowing how to do it to minimize the risk. I have heard stories of foreigners getting hurt while in Jamaica. But I am a foreigner and I made it to Jamaica and back to Canada. And I went to many places alone without a problem.  So here are my Recommendations.

If you are a foreigner there are some dos and don’ts to visiting Jamaica.

  1. Dont wear your best clothes – Jamaicans love name brand clothing, its best not to entice them.
  2. Don’t wear expensive Jewelry – Same thing as above.
  3. Travel in Groups – Just makes a person think twice.
  4. Don’t flash your wallet or Money in Public – Just carry what you need, and nothing more. Use the bank machine, that is what it is there for.
  5. Don’t get high or stoned – Seriously some Jamaican people may see you as high or stoned as an opportunity
  6. Only take the taxis with the “Red License plates” – These are registered.

I hope this article doesn’t scare you. Again, I visited Jamaica, and I am back home safe and sound. I love Jamaica so much that  I am moving there in 2013. So, people do survive.  I just want you to be prepared if it is your first time.

The customs Line up in Jamaica

line up in jamaican airport

I feel like this is worth mentioning because it is one of the things I encountered that I didn’t expect, that kind of upset me. My flight arrived in Jamaica at 8:15pm Saturday night. I thought I would jump of the plane and straight into Jamaican fun. Um no. Not so fast. When we got off the plane I noticed that some of the people were running. Yes! Literally running. Later when we were stuck at the back of the line, I found out why. It’s because you have to go through customs to get out, and if you don’t run you have to wait like 45 minutes in that Jamaican airport heat. In case you are wondering, there was no A/C. That made waiting a real chore.

One more Important thing… (customs form)

I want to mention this cause I was verbally chewed up for not understanding…there is a little form they will have you fill out on the plane before you go through Jamaican customs once you land. This paper from what I can remember, will ask you if you are carrying alcohol, if  you have plant life…crazy questions. Here is the zinger. The little tiny piece at the bottom…you are actually expected to keep it with you for your whole trip. Yeah weird I know. I could not find mine, so at customs, exiting Jamaica to come back to Canada, they gave me a new one. The problem was the customs lady had such a deep Jamaican accent that I couldn’t understand her. I said “I am sorry I don’t understand.” She then became impatient with me and spoke in a deeper Jamaican accent. I found this experience to be humiliating. So, keep this silly little paper with you, so you can enter the Jamaican customs, to go back home, without a problem.

Jamaican Men and Women

Jamaican women

Jamaican men and women, living in Jamaica, are sexier than you can imagine. It really

Jamaican man

is the truth. You might find yourself having to clean drool from off your shirt. They are mighty fine. The funny thing is. They will want you too. Nobody really pays that much attention to monogamy down there as we do in the west. Depending on your reasons for going, this may be a good thing.

I really love Jamaica. every time I think about it I feel so happy inside. I cant wait to breathe the Jamaican air again. I will share as much as I can with all of you, the next time I travel. As we Rastafari say. Jah Bless.

Visit my other blog Jamaican Rastarfari blog to learn more.