How to Be Rasta; 20 Steps

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a Rastafari woman, from Toronto. I am a blogger, writer, singer, songwriter, and online Entrepreneur. I wrote this blog post to help people learn how to be Rasta, with some simple changes. If you would like some more detailed guidance, on how to follow the Rasta Way of Life, Check out my book “How to Become a Rasta” or “White Rastafari.”

  1. Become a vegan – Clean out all meat and milk from your refrigerator, you wont be needing it anymore.

    bob marley dreadlocks

    Bob Marley Was a Rastafarian

  2. Say “Jah” not “God” – Rastafarian’s call God Jah
  3. Love The Black Identity – Rastafarian’s know that the black identity was made unique and special by Jah
  4. Grow your natty Dreadlocks – If you want to be Rasta you will need to have dreadlocks, it’s the most important part
  5. Learn the principles of Rastafari – There are about 10 main principles of Rastafari every Rasta knows. You can read them in my book “White Rastafari” or my new book “Rastafari: Beliefs and Principles”
  6. Know Jesus was a Rasta man – Jesus was a Nazarite which means he was a biblical times Rasta man
  7. Learn about Emperor Haile Selassie I – Learn about King Selassie I.  Rastafari call him God
  8. Read the King James version bible – Rastafarians only read the King James version bible
  9. Burn Nag Champa incense – Rastas love Nag Champa incense
  10. Defend the oppressed – Rasta represent equal rights and Justice for all at all times
  11. Visit Jamaica – Many Rasta come from Jamaica. Visiting Jamaica will further your awareness of Rastafari


    Visit Jamaica to learn Rastafari Culture

  12. Keep your temple clean – Rastafarian’s believe a clean body, makes clean mind, makes clean spirit
  13. Avoid swearing – Rastafarian’s view swearing as unclean
  14. Spend time in nature – Spend time in nature. Rastafarians believe Jah is in Nature
  15. Become an expert on Ethiopian History – Rastas know the history of Ethiopia
  16. Buy your first Lion of Judah Flag – Many Rasta own the Lion of Judah Flag as it symbolized King Selassie I of Ethiopia
  17. Buy a Lion of Judah bumper sticker – Many Jamaican Rasta go wild over a Rastafari bumper sticker. (we just love it, its cute to boot!)
  18. Meditate – Meditation is a big part of Rastafari spirituality
  19. Live in Love – Rasta believe love makes many things better
  20. Listen to Rasta Reggae Music  – Deep Rastafari only listen to Rastafari Reggae Music, such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Sizzla, Alborosie etc.

To learn more about how to Be a Rasta – Read the book “How to Become a Rasta”

become a rasta book cover

Learn more about how to become a Rastafarian, check my other blog.


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42 thoughts on “How to Be Rasta; 20 Steps

  1. I am a rasta woman/empress and I would like to know where have obtained your information. Your facts are not correct. I have been a rasta since 2008 and my husband has been a rasta for 53 years. I live and work in Jamaica. My livity is rasta.


    • You can grill your fish. There is no problem in that. Rastafari is really something of the heart anyway. Its not really about what you eat and say.
      Part of the “magic” of Rastafari is to say The Kings Name…


  2. Shalom! Blessings to you thanks for this great blog !
    I will buy your book 2nd of may when I get my next paycheck, but can I ask you before that, is there any room for scandinavians within the Rastafari livity? :)


  3. I am rasta man i dont visit jamaica.but am in ethiopia so I maditate with rastafarians in shashemane ethiopia its real place all rastafarians visit it


  4. No one can teach you how to be a RasTafari.

    RasTeferi is an Amharic title which means “The Head to be feared”
    Ras – Head; Duke
    Teferi – To be feared

    If you are a RasTeferi, you will know it from birth; it is an in-born concept. Dreadlocks has NOTHING to do with true RasTeferi, because even HIM ruled Holy Ethiopia without locks.

    Don’t get caught-up on outward appearances. True RasTeferi knows that it is your heart, your consciousness, your mind, that makes you a RasTeferi.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a RasTeferi because you eat a certain thing. If you fight the good fight of righteousness, and you fear HaElohim (God) in your heart, then you are a RasTeferi.

    If you have more questions about true RasTeferi, please ask InI.



    • So, I had been thinking about my response to your comment. I was not satisfied with it. Rastafari is a spirituality, that has many components, and yet at the same time it cannot be broken down. Yes, it is an “Inborn concept,” and Dreadlocks does have A LOT TO do with this spirituality. Eating meat is not a part of our Livity I can assure you of that. Rasta people are people who have an awareness, and yes they are born with it. Part of the “Awareness” is that meat is not a food that is fit for a Rasta. Jah make it so…not me. I appreciate your input…however as one of these people (Rasta) who are born with the Awareness, and as a MessenJAH of the Most High. I have to speak the truth concerning my faith.
      Blessed Love & Unity.
      How to Become a Rasta eBook on


    • I’ve have felt I want to be a Rastafarian for years, however I’d like to have the correct guidance, I read the blog and all of its comments. Can I be helped to be guide in the right direction?


    • Yes, but i was told that meat is not an issue! Thus, if you wont mind may you please explain it in detail. This due to the fact that even King James Version Holly Bible has been written that,’every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have i given you all things. But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat’. (Gen 9:3-4)


  5. Mi (new) dreads dem always combine each other at the roots after i took a shower. I rip them always apart after that, but what can I do, to prevent the dreads combining each other? Thank you in advance and great article. Blessings a yuh.


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  7. To say that Selassie was the 2nd coming of Jesus is not only biblically incorrect, it is totally blasphemous. The book of Revelation clearly states that when Jesus finally comes again, it will be after 2/3rds of humanity is wiped out from war, famine, etc. and Jesus will reign on earth for 1,000 years “with a rod of iron” (Revelation 2:26-27). There are many other things that will take place 1st which have not happened before, during, or even after Selassie, who himself claimed to be no more than just a mere man who tried to follow Christ’s example. When Jesus comes, He will make it QUITE OBVIOUS that He has come… “Look, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of Him” (Revelation 1:7). Please quit saying that Selassie is God incarnate. This is anything but biblical.


  8. Do you have to let your dreads just grow or can you get them re twisted and if you don’t let the grow like the nappy look and u do get them re twisted does that mean your not a rastafari


  9. Hi, I will do everything you’ve said above, but I am not brought up (?) with a God in my life. Again I’ll do everything above but talk about Jah. Can I still be a rasta? I sure hope so.


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