What are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians?


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What are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians? by Empress Yuajah

Answer by Empress Yuajah:

Well…we have many dietary restrictions…however, it depends on how that Rasta chooses to follow the Rasta Livity (faith). Deeply or not so deeply.

  1. Rasta do not add salt to food – Rasta believe Salt is something that creeps up and causes illness in the body. More Jah spiritually without the salt.
  2. Rasta don’t eat eggs (I don’t) – I don’t eat chicken or chicken embryos. Instead I eat tofu or vegan bologna (something like that)
  3. Rasta do not drink cows milk – Instead we often opt for Almond, or Soya Milk.
  4. Rasta do not eat any meat, or Chicken – Rasta love to eat fish, vegetables, fruits, and legumes.
  5. Rasta Refrain from drinking Alcohol – Beer included. Wine Included. Some Rasta consume Alcohol.
  6. Rasta do not eat Shell fish – We believe shell fish are dirty because they clean the bottom of the Sea. Rasta believe causes illness in the body.

Again all of these things depend on the individual Rasta. You will find Rasta who consume Alcohol…we are allowed according to our faith. We Rasta know our fate by our choices, so if you witness a Rasta doing these things….he is aware that it is against his fate. He is choosing his own destiny.

Rasta have other Restrictions besides dietary. Read about them in my book Rastafari: Beliefs and Principles on amazon.

What are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians?

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Why Rasta do not eat Meat

Hi guys. I feel so bad. I havent posted in so long. I still love you all, and Jah loves you all.

I want to share with you what I have been working on. ok so. I have a new book coming out soon on Rastafari. I am taking my time with it. It is about the principles and beliefs of Rastafari. I started working on another book entitled. “Rastafari Angels” This book is very special to me and I hope everyone likes it and appreciates the content. I have not started typing it yet, otherwise I would share some of it with you here.

I did want to share with you something from my book entitle Rastafari beliefs and “overstanding.”


“…Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you..?.”

1 Corinthians 3:16

The Temple

bob marley side imageIn Rastafari the Body is also known as “The Temple.” It is very easy to “defile” The Temple, with many “unclean” habits, behaviors, and foods. Rasta keeps The Temple clean and Holy so that we may be deemed fit to enter Zion, in which only the “clean“are welcome.

Temple as “Holy House”

Your temple/body is also a “house of Jah.” Your body is used for prayer fasting and Jah dwells inside your holy house with you so that you can always be with him.

As Rastafari we adhere to a strict diet of “clean” fruits, vegetables, and herbs in order that we keep the temple as “holy” as possible. Rastafari also do a once a month detoxification to clean out “build up” that may be in our digestive system. As Rasta “clean” means, clean body, clean mind, and clean soul, and a clean home.

More tips to keep the mind-body soul clean

rastaman“Body Cleanliness”

  • No smoking of Babylon cigarettes; Rastafari smoke natural marijuana or natural tobacco
  • No ingesting of Babylon pharmaceuticals
  • No eating “fast food
  • No eating meat

“Mind Cleanliness”

  • No horror movies
  • No conversations of corruption (gossip)
  • No porn movies or photos

“Soul Cleanliness”

  •  Keep Jah 10 Commandments
  • Do Good unto others
  • Be the first to Apologize
  • Avoid Arguments and disagreements

Eat not of Flesh

As Rasta we believe to eat meat is to eat “dead Flesh” For some this is their way of life and no disrespect to anybody who does that. For the sake of Rastafari, and the will and power of the Almighty Jah, Rasta does not eat meat.

3 major reasons Rasta do not eat meat. 

  1. Medical history of animal unknown
  2. Meat has rot in the body before it can exit the body
  3.  Mat eating may weigh down communications with Angels and Ancestors and it weighs down the body keeping us tied to physical connections



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