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Serious Rasta Rant

This is my Serious Rasta Rant. Am I having a bad day? Yes. But there are some realities I want to get out. This is how I started my Jamaicanrastafarianlove blog in the first place. I wanted a place to … Continue reading

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Salute to Sexy Black Women

Pretty African Features Many peopleĀ are under the false impression that black women can’tĀ be beautiful and black women can’t be sexy. I want to creat a blog post to Salute all sexy and beautiful black women. I have compiled many photos … Continue reading

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One Standard of Beauty?

I am a Rasta. I have hair that is locked. I do not cover my hair every day. I sometimes get the impression, that people want me to look like everybody else. But that is not what I want. This … Continue reading

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