Serious Rasta Rant

This is my Serious Rasta Rant. Am I having a bad day? Yes. But there are some realities I want to get out. This is how I started my Jamaicanrastafarianlove blog in the first place. I wanted a place to put my thoughts feelings and experiences…

Ok so I was often asking my self this question, why do so many black men (and black women) want to marry and date outside their “Race?” (I use the term loosely) Well, for the longest time I was very judgemental about this. I thinking….
You hate yourself
You don’t know yourself
You just want to be white
You want to appear less black

Now I realize they want to save themselves and their children from pain. I face pain as a black woman in my life in Toronto Canada everyday. It all pretty much based on the color of my skin. If a person I am interacting with cannot see me, we have no problems and I usually get what I want.
when I have to hash our a problem face to face, some people just screw with me because I am black and they think its fun. Sometimes I think that people of other nations think that black women do not have feelings or thoughts. That it is socially acceptable to “dump on” a black woman…and they are absolutely right.

Today in all my pain I wondered…

Today in all my pain I wondered to my self? Where is there a black womans support group. It could be bible based or not bible based, there needs to be some sort of black women support group. We are making other people’s pockets rich because we do not like our appearance…we run into so many walls and we have no support. Ok I need to explain…

Beauty shop Education

I went to the beauty shop with a friend yesterday. This person is transgendered. Male to female. Whatever to me “she” is a person. So, we go to the beauty shop. She starts getting into it with the supervisor of the store because a week ago she was there and one of the black attendants refered to her as a “he.” So,. the request of my friend was that they should “hire some white European women” to work the floor because they are more open-minded to the Transgendered thing.

Fine…So the Supervisor eventually said, we hire black people because when black women come in here they want to see their own. Well I had to give her a quick education. I said “Miss, From a black womans mind…The truth is…black women do not want to look like black women…black women want to look like white women…” You should have seen the glazed look come over her face. Like I had just opened the door to increased profits for her. If she would bring more white women to work in there, do you know how much more bleaching cream they could sell, and blond weave? I know this sounds like I am making a joke, and I know not all black women think like this, but I have met many who do. I am not one of them, that is why I am so comfortable speaking about it, cause it doesn’t apply to me.

Making money off black pain…

The point is….people are making money off of black women’s pain and self-hatred of their natural appearance, and there is no support group? I guess I have to start it. There needs to be support. I keep meeting too many black women who do not know who they are, who do not know what Rastafari is, who are jealous of me because of the length of my hair, who are jealous of me because I know my self….who need to learn how to earn money independently….

We black women need each other…

Black women we need each other, the black community on a whole needs to unite. But I need a space online just for black women to uplift each oter. This is my serious Rasta Rant. I didn’t mean to offend any one.
Blessed. Love.


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Salute to Sexy Black Women

beautiful black woman
Black African Features and still Pretty

Pretty African Features

Many people are under the false impression that black women can’t be beautiful and black women can’t be sexy. I want to creat a blog post to Salute all sexy and beautiful black women. I have compiled many photos of sexy and beautiful women of Color to share with you here. I hope you like it. As a Rastafari Empress I think black women are some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

< I like this picture because she has beautiful African Typical features,

and she is dark-skinned and I find her to be so pretty.

Bright Colors nice on Dark Skin.

I liked this photo, because when people think of a black woman, they don’t think of her beautiful black woman2looking nice in some make up and jewelry. I like this photo cause it also shows how nice certain colors show up on dark African complected skin. >

Black Woman with Long Natural Long Hair.

black woman with long hair
black woman with long hair

 I am sure that this was supposed to be a private photo, but she was so pretty I had to include it. Not only that, her hair is long. Many people <think, including black woman, that black hair does not grow. Clearly this is not

true. I am also a testament to that.

Sexy Black Woman

sexyblackwomanMany people think that a black woman cannot be sexy. If they feel this way it is not their fault. The western world likes to hide these things from us. Being of a Jamaican background, I can assure you, there are many very sexy black women around. But I think people are often shocked when they see one because of the brainwash.

sexy black woman2\

Black Woman Sexy with Dreadlocks!!!!!

Who knew Dreadlocks could be sexy?.-

Many people in the western world are under the false impression that dreadlocks, are something dirty, and that a woman with dreadlocks cannot be sexy too. But low and behold…she can.!


Remember all woman are beautiful for different reasons. Jah Bless. Jah Love.

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One Standard of Beauty?

I am a Rasta. I have hair that is locked. I do not cover my hair every day. I sometimes get the impression, that people want me to look like everybody else. But that is not what I want. This is my life. My hair is my spirituality, and maybe its time for everybody else to wake up and understand not everybody looks the same and not everybody is soppose to. We are all beautiful in our own way. I am a natty Empress, and very proud, I will not give in to Babylon.

  • I find asian woman have nice eyes and a nice slim physique
  • I find black woman are sexy in their strong sexy feminine bodies and full lips
  • I find white women have nicely colored eyes
  • I find indian woman, have nice skin complextion, and big beautiful eyes

All women are beautiful, all race of people are beautiful. Black women and all women need to stop trying to look like the other. God made us like M&Ms all different colors and tasting good in our own way. LOL.
Please join me in embracing your own natural beauty. Just be your self whatever that is. Weather it is your hair, your skin complextion, the fullness of your lips, your hair color. Please be yourself you are beautiful just the way God made you.
Watch this video I found on Youtube today. Jah Bless. Rastafari

If the video is not working…please click here…Video about Freeform dreadlocks