“White Rastafari;” A beginners guide book to Jamaican Rastafari Living for White people.

White_Rastafari_Cover_for_KindleHi guys welcome to my blog. My name is Empress Yuajah. I am a full-time blogger and Author. I write mostly about Jamaican Culture and Rastafari Livity. I have created a new book entitled “White Rastafari” for all my Caucasian brothers and Sistren who want to follow the Rastafari way of life. Here is the beginning of the book.

“White Rastafari

Empress Yuajah

Copyright © 2012 Empress Yuajah

All rights reserved.

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ISBN-13: 978-1481184236

Jah Love

Can a white person be a Rastafari?

Yes a white person can be a Rastafari! It’s not so much about the colour of the person’s skin color, it is about the heart of the person. Jah sees and knows all things. He knows if we are good, or if we allow ourselves to be instruments of Satan. White people are also chosen as Rastafari, in the same way that black Rasta is chosen. White Rasta does not have different practices than black Rasta. Everything is the same. White Rasta, praises King Selassie I, They eat Ital Rasta food, they listen to Rasta Reggae music, they burn Nag Champa incense…everything is the same! Jah does not look at the person’s skin colour when he chooses his messengers, he looks at the heart.

About me the Author

I, Empress Yuajah wrote ‘How to Become a Rasta’ back in 2011. As a born Rastafari, all of what I know has been written on my heart, and when I shared Rastafari in that book, it was written from the perspective of that inscription.  I tried to include facts about Rastafari, for those who seek this type of guidance, in ‘White Rastafari.’ Rastafari is all-encompassing, spiritual, factual, historical etc. I hope this book answers some of the questions you have concerning Rastafari and provides a guide for you on how to follow the Rastafari livity.

Jah Bless, More Love.



White Rastafari are special!

alborosie3Did you know that to black Rastafari people, white Rastafari people are special? Heres why. White people are not expected to have dreadlocks, so when they do, black Rasta find it very appealing. We are intrigued that even though to wear dreadlocks is not the way of your ancestors. Yet, still you choose to wear the hair in this fashion? Black Rasta may want to learn more about the way you live. As white Rastafari, you can expect that many black Rasta will approach you for conversation, and friendship, and treat as special and unique.

Jah is Boundless

I had one Jamaican guy, tell me I cannot be Rastafari because I am not a born Jamaican. What he does not know is that he (in his limited thinking) is putting boundaries on the powers of Jah. I understood that he truly does not understand the power or the magnitude of The Most High. Jah is boundless, limitless, All knowing, and all-powerful. After hearing some of my music that Jah helped me to create – he recanted saying, ‘only a Jamaican can do that!’

White Rastafari are born every day

Could you imagine if Jah made all nations in a way that one cannot be like the other, and this spiritual way of life is designated for only those people with such and such a skin colour? That sound like ‘paint by numbers.’ spirituality is not like that. With the variations of all nations, naturally are going to be remnants, here and there. Spiritual, cultural, and DNA. That is normal. With that being said, white Rastafari are born every day and, The Most High rejoices.

What is White Rastafari?

I designed this book to, strengthen your mind as white Rasta, with spiritual truth, and guide you to live a life that is clean and pure, so that you may enter Holy Mount Zion. There is no such thing as White Rastafari per say, only Rastafari taught with the White Rasta in mind.

I want to embrace this way of life, but I have questions

Many white persons who wish to embrace Rastafari have questions, and rightfully so. This book was designed to answer those questions, so that you may feel informed before embracing this way of life. Let’s look at some common questions concerning Rastafari.

  • Why do Rasta say that King Selassie I is God?
  • Why is it mostly black people who embrace this way of life?
  • What are the beliefs and principles of the Rastafari Peoples?
  • How do I know Rastafari is Right for me?


How do I know Rastafari is right for me?White_Rastafari_Cover_for_Kindle

If you have friends who are Rastafari, this helps. If you have a significant other who is a Rasta, this helps too. The truth is, most Rasta, are Rastafari  all on their very own. Both my parents are Christian. And my siblings are both Christian as well. Here I am 34 years of age and a natty dreadlocks Empress. I don’t need anybody’s approval. The Almighty sees and knows my heart, and I live my life to please him alone.

Rastafari is a about entering Holy Mount Zion. We adhere to a strict code for living and eating to keep us clean in mind, body, and spirit. If you believe there is a higher power and that everybody…”  Read the rest of  “White Rastafari” the eBook. Buy it  on jamaicanrastafarianlove.com


5 thoughts on ““White Rastafari;” A beginners guide book to Jamaican Rastafari Living for White people.

  1. Dear Empress Yuajah, Thank you for your wonderful books. I am an older woman,white and loving the spirituality of Rasta. My daughter says this is cultural appropriation and bound to anger Blacks, whether Rasta or not. Would you comment on this or be able to get back to me? I have a long history of searching for relationship with Jah/Divine/Creator. Thank you and may Jah Bless you, Jane


    1. Blessed. Because of my own experiences and conversations about my spirituality (Rastafari) I would say, no one really knows what another feels inside spiritually, only the individual. Yes, I can see how one may see it as cultural appropriation. There were whites who helped to free black people out of slavery also. I am glad you asked the question, in order that we may all share and learn from each other.
      King Selassie I, Empress Menen.


      1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have decided to forgo dreads out of respect for black culture but as I learn more about Rasta spirituality I am in love with Jah and feel blessed to learn all these things. Jah Bless.


  2. It’s a Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy! Not a Royal Parchment Scroll of Jah sees your heart. The ancestors said the oppressor was white! Now you want to dance with the devil, so the oppressor is “black and white” You can make Rasta into whatever you want, and THEY will make it into something no natural Ethiopian would never recognize.

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