10 Jamaica Vacation Warnings

jamaica vacation book coverThis is my new ebook. I wrote it while I am in Jamaica. Read it and take it with a grain of salt. I wrote it for you to know the truth. Jamaica is a great place to vacation, but sometimes, things can get out of hand. Just take it with a grain of salt.

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Racism in many forms….

I want to share with you the many forms of Racism I have encountered. To you some of them may be nothing, you may event consider some of them positive. But add them all up over 30 years and its too much to swallow.

my first encounter of “Racism”

I had been about 4 years living in the same area. Just getting to know all the children living in my building and around.

I am playing on the monkey bars and for the second time, a certain little boy, calls me “N” I did say it was the second time right, by the way I was about 8 years old when this happened. This little boy also used to beat me up and I would run home crying.

Just before this incident occurred….I told my Mom that a boy in the park was beating me up. She told me the next time He did it I needed to punch him hard! So that last time he called me “N” and I was on the Monkey bars, I jumped down off the monkey bars, punched him in the stomach, he doubled over, I ran home…He never called me “N” again.

The Bar

So, I am in the bar (before I was Rastafari ofcourse) having a beer and doing my thing. There is a white guy, immediately he notices me. He starts talking to me….he says Yeah My ex girlfriend was black. We hadnet even been talking 5 mintues. I almost feel like as soon as he saw me he planned to get these words out.

Do you know How many times I have heard variations of the same sentence…..

  • My babyfather is black (Jamaican)
  • My God Mother is Jamaican
  • My Son is Black…

First of all I really dont care, second…I dont want you to treat me or talk to me, or date me because of my skin color. This is just sick! You should get to know me.

I love when I meet people Asian, white, black, who make no mention of my skin color. Then I feel like we are relating as two people.

Dont talk to me because I am black and Jamaican, and then tell me of all the Jamaican or black connections in your life. I feel that is ignorant. It doesnt make us sisters, and it doesnt mean you understand my experience as a black woman any better. To know it you have to be it.

When I was 11…

When I as 11 years old or so maybe 13 I had a girfriend her name was Erin. Anyway we were planning for a night out with some other girls…she made the comment right in her bedroom infront of all 3 of us…”oh yeah black people never have any money.” Do you know she ended up marrying a black man…he was a pinp for goodness sakes. I think that is totally racist. And this girl was my friend for goodness sakes….

So there is the blatent and the not so blatent.

There are many more examples but I dont like to think about it because I get upset and start doubting the people around me…..

I encounter Racism every day. I am exausted by it. I think people will never be able to see me a just a person. Only a black woman, and do most that means something fearful.

One thing I promised my self when I became a Rastafari, is that I would never try to make people like me….I just think if they dont like you, then they dont like  you. It made me really see how many people like me because I like them and how many people like me for me.









life as a rasta woman






Serious Rasta Rant

This is my Serious Rasta Rant. Am I having a bad day? Yes. But there are some realities I want to get out. This is how I started my Jamaicanrastafarianlove blog in the first place. I wanted a place to put my thoughts feelings and experiences…

Ok so I was often asking my self this question, why do so many black men (and black women) want to marry and date outside their “Race?” (I use the term loosely) Well, for the longest time I was very judgemental about this. I thinking….
You hate yourself
You don’t know yourself
You just want to be white
You want to appear less black

Now I realize they want to save themselves and their children from pain. I face pain as a black woman in my life in Toronto Canada everyday. It all pretty much based on the color of my skin. If a person I am interacting with cannot see me, we have no problems and I usually get what I want.
when I have to hash our a problem face to face, some people just screw with me because I am black and they think its fun. Sometimes I think that people of other nations think that black women do not have feelings or thoughts. That it is socially acceptable to “dump on” a black woman…and they are absolutely right.

Today in all my pain I wondered…

Today in all my pain I wondered to my self? Where is there a black womans support group. It could be bible based or not bible based, there needs to be some sort of black women support group. We are making other people’s pockets rich because we do not like our appearance…we run into so many walls and we have no support. Ok I need to explain…

Beauty shop Education

I went to the beauty shop with a friend yesterday. This person is transgendered. Male to female. Whatever to me “she” is a person. So, we go to the beauty shop. She starts getting into it with the supervisor of the store because a week ago she was there and one of the black attendants refered to her as a “he.” So,. the request of my friend was that they should “hire some white European women” to work the floor because they are more open-minded to the Transgendered thing.

Fine…So the Supervisor eventually said, we hire black people because when black women come in here they want to see their own. Well I had to give her a quick education. I said “Miss, From a black womans mind…The truth is…black women do not want to look like black women…black women want to look like white women…” You should have seen the glazed look come over her face. Like I had just opened the door to increased profits for her. If she would bring more white women to work in there, do you know how much more bleaching cream they could sell, and blond weave? I know this sounds like I am making a joke, and I know not all black women think like this, but I have met many who do. I am not one of them, that is why I am so comfortable speaking about it, cause it doesn’t apply to me.

Making money off black pain…

The point is….people are making money off of black women’s pain and self-hatred of their natural appearance, and there is no support group? I guess I have to start it. There needs to be support. I keep meeting too many black women who do not know who they are, who do not know what Rastafari is, who are jealous of me because of the length of my hair, who are jealous of me because I know my self….who need to learn how to earn money independently….

We black women need each other…

Black women we need each other, the black community on a whole needs to unite. But I need a space online just for black women to uplift each oter. This is my serious Rasta Rant. I didn’t mean to offend any one.
Blessed. Love.


*   “How to Become a Rasta”“Rastafari: Beliefs & Principles” (new 2014)*

“Rastafari: African American Spirituality”“How to Date a Jamaican Man”“White Rastafari” *

Available on www.amazon.com

Jamaicanlove.org (Chat)

Bob Marley Freedom FlagJamaican Chat room

About my Jamaican chatroom….Hi guys. First things first. I want to thank all those people who visit my blog and “like” my posts. I appreciate it so much. So, I have a new blog. There is not much there right now…but I have big plans for my new blog. You may be wondering….why on earth did you need another blog? Well, I have to be free, and this new blog will help me to do that.

The first thing I want to tell you about is my Jamaican chatroom. Please visit. I want people to go there. I cant tell you that there is people there…it is new. But they say the hour people are using the internet the most is 8:00pm. Remember that. Check out my Jamaican Chat room sometime, and talk about Jamaican men etc.

Rasta Shop (Jamaicanlove) on etsy

Rasta Necklace Marcus Garvey ColoredI also wanted to tell you about my Rasta shop where I display my big beautiful beaded Rasta Necklaces. I love to bead, and I love to bead Rasta Jewelry. My Rasta shop is new too. so there are not that many items…but in time I will fill it up. I love big things….so I don’t bead anything small. Maybe that will be my signature over time. So check out my Rasta Shop online sometime.

New Rasta Book

I was wanting to write a new Rastafari book for a long time now. I wasnt so sure what to call it. I have two possible names. Rastafari, or Rastafari Living. Well this book is very special to me, because I feel there are some things about Rastafari that have not been said that I feel will help people, to understand what this spirituality is really all about. Rastafari is special and it is not a religion. I try to drive that point home in this new Rasta book that I am writing.

Rasta Blog

Learn about Rastafari You can learn about my experiences and perspectives as a Rastafari Empress on my other blog. Jamaican Rastafarian Love. It is important for me to share these things with you because I feel it makes the world a better place if we bridge the culture gap.

That is it for me. Love light and blessings to all.


How to be a Rastafari Man

How to be a Rastafari Man

The role of the Rasta man is very special and important in Rastafari Culture. The priorities of the Rastafari man have been the same from day one and will never change.bob marley side image

  • Support and Look after his Rastafari Empress
  • Support and Mold and guide his Rastafari Children
  • Make sure food is on the table
  • Fill the home with Love and Teachings of Rastafari

Support and love for Empress

Rastafari is a spirituality that is based on Royalty. It is important that Kingman be a demonstration of what it means to be a King for his Empress. Kingman in Rastafari has the last word and must never be seen losing his cool. Kingman is the backbone to his family and must project calmness and strength at all times. The order of Rastafari is child, woman, man, then Jah.

Mold and Guide his Youth

rasta childRastafari Kingman is the leader in molding and guiding his youth. He is the one to implement discipline when needed, he is the one to make sure his children are walking the straight and narrow path, that leads to righteous holiness and purity in the eyes of Jah. Kingman must teach his children to be loving, to be faithful to Jah, to accept others as they are… but do not accept their ways or their lifestyle. For Rastafari Kingman knows there are many temptations and false truths in Babylon.

Food and Love #1 Priority

The role of Kingman is to provide love and food for the family. A Kingman knows this, and does whatever he has to fulfill this role. In Rastafari it is ok for the woman to put food on the table, but it is the main concern of the Kingman to fulfill this position. All Kingman love his Children and Empress and work and provide for the family out of the Rastafari love of his heart, and the blessing, of his children and Empress from Jah the Almighty.

Love and Teachings of Rastafari

king selassieIt is the role of the Father of the home to provide teachings of Rastafari to the children. All Kingman teach their children the following…

  • About Leaders and lives of Rastafari  (Marcus Garvey, King Selassie I etc.)
  • Read the King James version bible to their children
  • The truth of Adam and Eve, Jah first created human
  • Jah the Almighty creator and what is pleasing and clean in his eyesmarcus garvey

Rastafari Men do not….

Every Rastafari man fulfills his duties to his family with love and understanding (overstanding). The Rastafari man is the backbone of the family providing love and support whenever possible, and as needed. Rastafari men, must not drink, smoke cigarettes, use foul language, or belittle his children, or comb the hair of his children. These things are considered sinful in the way of life of Rastafari.

Thank you for reading.

Jah Jah is the truth. Bless.

How to Be a Rastafari King



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life as a rasta woman






How to Become a Rastafari Empress

How to Become a Rastafarian Woman

queen ifricaI know Rastafari is Forever growing. So I thought I would do a blog post just for the ladies. There are many women from all over the world who desire to embrace the Rastafari faith, but are unsure how to live as an Empress day-to-day.

There are some basic things you will need to know before I get into the specifics.

Rastafari is not a Religion – we do not speak of our faith as a Religion but more as a faith or way of life.

Rastafari is a spirituality of Royalty – We must carry our selves as Empress at all times. This means being a role model to our community and the younger ones around us at all times.

Rastafari is an awarenesss – If you are seeking a set of rituals to embrace, Rastafari is not for you. Rastafari is of the heart, an energy that is loving free-flowing, and values freedom, nature at all times.

Life as a Rasta Woman

How to be a Rastafari Empress


Rasta Rules for Women made easy!

rastafarian rules for women


Dreadlocks are a symbol of Rastafari culture and adherence to the Rastafari livity. Rastafari women take special care to cover their locks when judy mowattout in public. However we make the exception for Rastafari African or Caribbean events if we feel comfortable with out hair showing. To be a Rastafari Empress the dreadlocks are a must. This is how we set our selves apart from the people of Babylon, and represent Jah the creator the Most High who lives in all things, and knows all things. Dreadlocks as Rastafari Empress are a symbol of Love, creation, the First man and woman, Ethiopia and much more.

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Respect for your Kingman

As a Rastafari Empress Respect for your Rastaman is of the utmost importance. This means no yelling at your Kingman, or not letting him speak and say his peace. Also when in public a true Rastafari Empress will not disagree with her Kingman but only support him to show others that you are a loving and united front. Can you imagine Empress Menen disagreeing with King Selassie I in public. I think not. Treat your Kingman in the same manner. Always show your Kingman you will do whatever he asks of you because you love him in the same light that Jah loves him.

Clothing and Attire

how to becom rasta empressA Rastafari Empress is always mindful of how she is dressing. She avoids clothing that is revealing, or too tight to the body. We are sure to cover our buttocks area, and not to wear shirts or dresses which accentuate the bust line. As spiritual  Role Models of Royalty, a Rastafari Empress must dress modest yet Feminine at all times. Comfort is also a big priority for Empress, Rastafari Empress wear flat shoesWhat are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians?, long skirts, and clothing that is versatile for both in and outdoor activities and includes the Rastafari colors of Red Yellow and Green.


WHAT are the founding beliefs of Rastafari Culture?

download (1)



Natural vs. Unnatural Appearance

Most Rastafari Empress choose not to wear makeup. If you are an Empress who chooses to wear makeup, be sure to choose colors that are natural and down to earth. This means no red lipstick, no eye shadow, and maybe eyeliner on very special occasions only. Rastafari Empress who are embracing the faith deep do not wear any Jewelry. However many Rastafari Empress do wear Jewelry but only of Natural fibres such as wood, or shell, we call this “Rasta jewelry.” As Empress we embrace a natural appearance to Salute the Most High and let our natural beauty shine out to the world.

Embrace African Culture

As a Rastafari Empress, one of your jobs is to Embrace African Culture, and to teach the Rastafari Livity to your children. We understand Rastafari is an awareness. We want our children to have the same wisdom and understanding as well. Things such as…

  • Respect for other nations and cultures
  • Keeping the commandments of Jah
  • Clean and Righteous thinking
  • That Jah the creator resides in all living things
  • This is how a Rasta woman embraces the Rasta Way of Life

Keep the Principles of the Rastafari Livity

A Rastafari woman lives by all the principles of the Rastafari livity. There is no acceptation. Things like Avoiding Satan’s temptations, eating natural unprocessed foods, and putting Jah first in all things that we do. The Rastafari Livity is about living modest, Humble and loving. However there are times when an Empress must stand firm. We try our best to use love to make our point as much as possible.

How to Be Rastafari Empress.


*   “How to Become a Rasta”“Rastafari: Beliefs & Principles” (new 2014)*

“Rastafari: African American Spirituality”“How to Date a Jamaican Man”“White Rastafari” *

Available on www.amazon.com

Check out my blog post entitled: Rastafari rules for women


Should a Rasta woman wear these clothes?


Clubbing black tightswallet with magazine printLarge oversized wallet with magazine print20180413_064842

Rasta Books: Rasta Way of Life books







life as a rasta woman






Salute to Sexy Black Women

beautiful black woman
Black African Features and still Pretty

Pretty African Features

Many people are under the false impression that black women can’t be beautiful and black women can’t be sexy. I want to creat a blog post to Salute all sexy and beautiful black women. I have compiled many photos of sexy and beautiful women of Color to share with you here. I hope you like it. As a Rastafari Empress I think black women are some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

< I like this picture because she has beautiful African Typical features,

and she is dark-skinned and I find her to be so pretty.

Bright Colors nice on Dark Skin.

I liked this photo, because when people think of a black woman, they don’t think of her beautiful black woman2looking nice in some make up and jewelry. I like this photo cause it also shows how nice certain colors show up on dark African complected skin. >

Black Woman with Long Natural Long Hair.

black woman with long hair
black woman with long hair

 I am sure that this was supposed to be a private photo, but she was so pretty I had to include it. Not only that, her hair is long. Many people <think, including black woman, that black hair does not grow. Clearly this is not

true. I am also a testament to that.

Sexy Black Woman

sexyblackwomanMany people think that a black woman cannot be sexy. If they feel this way it is not their fault. The western world likes to hide these things from us. Being of a Jamaican background, I can assure you, there are many very sexy black women around. But I think people are often shocked when they see one because of the brainwash.

sexy black woman2\

Black Woman Sexy with Dreadlocks!!!!!

Who knew Dreadlocks could be sexy?.-

Many people in the western world are under the false impression that dreadlocks, are something dirty, and that a woman with dreadlocks cannot be sexy too. But low and behold…she can.!


Remember all woman are beautiful for different reasons. Jah Bless. Jah Love.

Check out my other blog www.jamaicanlove.org