Jamaican Men; 21 Things about dating a Jamaican man (the eBook)

How to Date a Jamaican man

I have just finished my mini e-book entitled “Jamaican men….21 things about dating a Jamaican man.” I am so happy that it is finished and available. If you were looking for a tell all book about white women who date Jamaican men and some of the pit falls this is it. It’s not so much about American Jamaican men, but more about Jamaican men living in Jamaica and the way they think.

Many women are visiting Jamaica and falling in love. This is happening for 2 reasons

  1. More and more people are travelling now a days…
  2. Jamaican men have a natural ability with women…

Many foreign women are not used to this…and can easily be taken advantage of….Just saying…

This book was previously called….

This book was previously called…dating a Jamaican man; 12 things American women need to know….but I have changed it……

Here is an excerpt from the book (the beginning)….


“…Jamaican Men;

 “21 things about dating a Jamaican Man”

Empress Yuajah

Copyright © 2013 Empress Yuajah

All rights reserved


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Jamaican men

This book was written with the woman who lives abroad who is dating a Jamaican man living in Jamaica, in mind. Complicated huh?  But the truth is many women from America, Canada, and the UK are presently enduring this type of love affair, with a Jamaican man.

Not every Jamaican man is what you think he is. Perhaps you don’t know his mind, and you don’t understand his heart, which is why you are reading this book. I have volunteered to act as a translator on your behalf. I could be telling you what you want to hear so that Jamaican men can have their way with you. But as a fellow woman, I created this book out of pure honesty, and empathy.

2 Types of Jamaican Men

My mother used to tell me “there are 2 types of Jamaican people. The dutty Jamaican with no manners, who behave ignorant, and speak improper English, and the nice and decent Jamaicans, who have manners and self-respect, and speak properly.”

I am here to tell you, there are 2 types of Jamaican men the ones who cuss some long dirty bad words, possibly having learned this poor behavior by living in the Ghetto…who yell and raise their voice to a woman without batting an eye lash. Then there are the Jamaican men who are nice and decent, who have manners, and show respect for others and themselves. This is important to know, when dating a Jamaican man. If you happen to run into one of these

ignorant and indecent Jamaican men, rid him from your life quickly, or you may end of regretting it for a very long time.

My “Ignorant” Jamaican man experience

I used to date a Jamaican man who was very ignorant. I didn’t know it when I met him though.

On the day we met, he was decked out in Rastafari Gear, he smelled of natural herbs and incents, and I assumed he was humbled and cultured. I was of course flattered by this Jamaican man, his beautiful Jamaican accent, and his immediate invitation for me to visit him at his home.  Something kept on nagging me not to go over to his house, but he persisted with many phone calls….”

Buy Jamaican Men on amazon.com here.


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11 thoughts on “Jamaican Men; 21 Things about dating a Jamaican man (the eBook)

  1. mr.mike bigred bondsr. says:

    Let me just say this white canada female!!!”we atrack who,what we are.not cool judging jamaican men from there country land. Hell men are who?what there are world wide spreaded.reality its good/bad every races.facts mens does only what u white womens let get away with.get over it.write an book on how many womens play pay.jumping in out bed with many mens.puting babies on mens not the truue fathers.facts millions of whites/many races womens gors to w.i.islands to find/have hot,freaky steamy sex fun,even being married,have an love of some kind?yet cries blues when those


  2. mr.mike bigred bondsr. says:

    To this women whose writing this so called texts book about west indies mens.jamaican mens this its two kind of them.u just tries be lady like of an women.self respect for self. Be jah/god fearing.then live,act as such!!!then respect will follows equal to u.we atracks what/who we are.bulls..t follows atracks bulls..t.got it white wo
    En from canada.truhtfully many w.i. mens only acts out how tbere former slavemaster acted.still acting.its only been year of 1800s of somethi.g freedom?1900came to the blacks/afriacans decented folks of all west indies.so its still an learning level for jamai ans mens.but praises to jah/god on our side.we are learning.worldwided.yes us african american mens also has it struggles.the most high chiosen jamaica,haiti,st.kitts folks to

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kindred says:

    I read both of your e books and they were on point. I am currently involved in a love affair with a guy from jamaica. Its very difficult but I am planning to visit him.The crazy thing is hismom lives in the states and me and her connect but he is btwn jobs and recently he started a new job but I notice he has been kinda distant and Im starting to have second doubt. So at this point not sure what is gonna happen but its been 7 months. Im confused?


    • Dating a Jamaican and not living in the same country is not an easy task…I say see how it goes…dont expect too much and stay positive when you do get some time together….only time will tell.
      Stay strong.


      • Kindred says:

        Thanks 4 the advice. Sadly it may not work bcus he admitted to me just recently he slept with someone else bcus I was accusing him of cheating. Mind u he started acting funny and distance. I guess bcus I wasnt giving him no money. Anyway I am gonna close the door on that chapter even though he still wants me to come to Jamaica but I cant trust him no more and weve been talking for seven months. Its very painful but to all american ladies out there do not and I repeat do not talk to a man that lives in Jamaica. They will lie and try and use u


  4. julia benefield says:

    I need help with understanding this Rasta that i am seeing. Please!!!!!!!! Emotionaly gping crazy!!!!!!! Help me!!! I dont want to get hurt!!!


  5. julia benefield says:

    I need help with understanding this Rasta that i am seeing. Please!!!!!!!! Emotionaly going
    crazy!!!!!!! Help me!!! I dont want to get hurt!!!


  6. Andrew says:

    White women, Indian Women, Chinese and Thai women. Jewish and Muslim women. Y dont you all just stick to the men in your home countries and stop dating men from our country.(Jamaica).
    I am a Jamaican male living in Canada with my wife and three children. I came here 5 years ago from Jungle in Kingston, honestly i have been married for 10 years to my wife who is from Tivoli Gardens in Kingston as well. I recently graduated from a respectable University here in Canada and my wife is currently pursuing her nursing degree at Ryerson University in Toronto. My Jamaicaican, ghetto, rag tag chic and her ghetto rag tag man who werent raised properly (according to your book) took advantage of the opportunity we received from the government of Canada.
    An opportunity most Jamaicans would love to receive from our own government in Jamaica and from our own private sector, a chance to love and care for their families with good paying jobs that lead to careers. Instead Jamaican wake up to read books of criticism and cynicism from your ridiculous, prejudice, baseless writings.
    Here in Canada we are armed with the facts, Jamaican men are responsible, bight, confident, brave, honest, hard working, good leaders, sexually potent, strong fathers and role models, society leaders, builders, news anchors, journalists, eloquent, possessive, diverse, tolerant, and innovative as we dominate most island industries worldwide. We were all different when we started but what matters is what we are when we grow old, ask George Bush and he will tell you ” i was a F–k up all my life.” God bless u all.


    • There is no bigger supporter of Jamaican men than me. Because you do not know me you do not know that this is the truth. I am a Rastafari Empress. I love my people more than I love my self. Not all Jamaican men are good intentioned when dealing with women from foreign, we all know that. I write to inform women who are clueless that maybe they need to open their eyes a little wider when getting to know a Jamaican man…just for their own awareness. Clearly you are not they type of Jamaican man I have written about, and I make it very clear not all Jamaican men are like this. I am very sorry if what I wrote offended you, but as a woman I have to say I am glad to know women are becoming more “aware” when dating Jamaican men due to my writings etc. Blessed Love to you and your family. Respect. May Jah Bless you in all you choose to accomplish in life. Rastafari. BTW My writings are not baseless, I have gone through the being used by Jamaican men myself and have ended up with a confused mind and a broken heart. So, King just know this is not about you, but it is about some….Jamaican men. Blessed. Rastafari. Read 21 things about dating a Jamaican man if you live in foreign and he lives in jamaica…has some good reviews…very informative!!

      Liked by 1 person

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