20 ways to know…you are in fact Jamaican!

You cook Jamaican chicken for dinner at least 3 times a week

  • You know the name of at least one day time soap opera
  • You have a big tub of vaseline in your bathroom medicine cabinet
  • You know what “Carboloics” soap
  • You know what “Detol”  is
  • You like way too much hot sauce on your food
  • You spend more than 4 minutes brushing your teeth
  • When you open your front door it smells like cleaning products
  • You refuse to have a pet dog but don’t mind having a pet cat
  • You don’t like public displays of affection but don’t mind aggression in the bedroom
  • You see kissing as a waste of time and would much rather just get to the good stuff
  • Every sunday morning you wake up early to clean your entire house until you become exhausted then you take a nap
  • You have another Jar of vaseline in your glove compartment of your car
  • The only beer you will drink is Heineken or Guiness and nothing else
  • You think a woman has to have “meat on her bones” in order to be sexy
  • When you talk to your relatives back home you shout
  • when you talk about living back home in Jamaica you say ‘a yard’
  • You like your shoes to match your hat, and everything else in between
  • You use your vaseline to lotion your face, moisturize your lips, and put on cuts…lol


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About Empress

Blessed. My name is Empress. I am a Rastafari Livity writer, blogger, and song writer. My goal is to teach others how to share more love and have more unity through the values and truths of Rastafari. Check my Rasta books on amazon, or visit me on my blogs. www.https://jamaicanloveblog.wordpress.com
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