How to Get To Heaven (the ebook)

I was wondering if people would appreciate a book called  “How to Get to Heaven.” I know this is not for everyone, but I am in the process of writing such a book. It is Christian and Rastafari based as that is what I was and what I am. I did a Google search and found there is a book out called “Getting into Heaven” OK so my book might be redundant but maybe not. The reason, I am a completely different person with a completely different perspective and I am a Rasta.

What is a Rasta Anyway?

Some of you may be reading this and saying what is this Rasta thing she keep talking about? Well,  I was born with a spirituality. It happened at my conception actually. I became aware of it at about age 10, but do to pressures of others I tried to convince my self that I was not what I am. At age 31 I gave in figuring I would probably be happier if I would be my self. I have found my sincere happiness, however I have paid a big price in terms of my relationships with others who do not like my lifestyle and do not understand me. However I have gained friendships with people of like mind. Ok so back to the book.

Please leave your opinion

I have written some of the book but I am not sure how much I should write. Should I write a little and price it low, or should I write as much about “How to get to Heaven” as I can? If any body reads this I would love to get your opinion. Here is the table of contents and the very first paragraph (to capture readers attention)

God loves you, Rastafari.

How to get to heaven


The Bible

What is an Angel?


5 Daily practices

Obsession and addiction


What is hell like?



When the student is ready

What is Heaven Like?

Heaven is a place where the weather is always nice. The birds are always chirping, the trees, grass and bushes are all manicured and maintained, and the Sun is always shining. In Heaven there is no crime, and no negative energy to speak of. Heaven is full of love, full of harmony, and all souls are at peace and at rest.

God roams in heaven. His love is radiates out over all the trees, all the land and all he souls who dwell there. Heaven has concerns of money, or famine

All people living, everywhere, of every Nation have equal opportunity this book is your guide to learn How to get to Heaven.

Introduction: How to get to heaven

My name is ‘Empress,’ I am an Author, Singer, Songwriter, and blogger. I was sent here by The Almighty God to tell you about him. It is at my conception, that I have been appointed to speak the truth regarding God, The Almighty creator, and what it takes to get into heaven. People who are born wish my spirituality are known as Rastafari.

Since I was a young girl, I was having conversations with God. I spoke to him and depended on him because there was no one else. My mother raised us as a single parent and worked longer hours. My brother and sister were both in their teen years and older than me, so they spent most of there time hanging out with friends. In Caribbean culture it is common to pray before going to bed, but because I had no body else to talk to most of the time, I would pray during the day time too.

At age 10 God asked me, not through words but through urge to lock my hair. My Grandmother was very much against it. This was the first time Jah asked me to do anything. I regretted not listening to him at that first encounter.

It was in my teen years that I really started to know I was different, and that God had chosen me. I was living on my own in a Gorgeous apartment at Dufferin and Eglinton in Toronto. I spent much of my time praying and meditating and talking to god. God sent an Angel to speak to me and I became so terrified, and begged the Angel to leave protesting that I was not ready for whatever he was going to give me. I now know that would have been he day of my spiritual crowning. What you are about to read are the remnants of what was implanted in me at my conception. The knowledge, the awareness of God the Almighty.

Please read this book and know that God is real, he is pure love, wisdom, power, and understanding. He wants us all to get into heaven, but he needs to know he can trust those who he allows in. He wants to be sure our hearts are clean and that when he grants us spirtual privilages, that they will not be misused. This book is a guide to tell you what it takes to get into heaven and a word from Almighty God him self to guide his people, into the loving spiritual realm we know as heaven.

Blessings and love to all


What is Rastafari

Rastafari is a skpirituality. Not a religion, many Rastafari are born with the faith. Jah (God) preprogrammed Rasta to have the awareness of him, and how to live a life that is pleasing to him so that when we transition, earth we may enter holy Mount Zion. (Heaven) It is with absolute pleasure that I share with you the Rastafari awareness of how to get to Heaven.



God is a spiritual entity and he is the Almighty, he is the creator of all living things. He created the heavens, and he created the earth. He created humankind and animals, and all of nature that fills the earth.

Where is God

God is everywhere and in all living things. However he can be found most abundantly in the wilderness. Why? Because the wilderness is full of nature, and there are no electronics, or gadgets in the wilderness to distract us from him. The wilderness is a great place to pray, and mediate too. We can easily tap into our raw innate spirit source in the wilderness.

As Rastafari we like to go into forests, and heavily wooded areas to be with God. We know God is right there by our side, experiencing each step that we take, when we are amongst nature.

What does God want?

  • God wants us to live in peace with one another
  • God wants us to depend on him
  • God wants to be our best friend
  • God wants us to avoid sin
  • God wants you to be his instrument
  • God wants us to keep his laws and Commandments

We are all Gods children. He gave us the Christian bible to keep us on the right path. To be a guide of how to live a Righteous and holy life, so that we may dwell where he dwells and have rest once we transition. God wants us to keep our deeds, our words, and our thoughts all in line with his laws. The Christian bible is a Golden Key that was designed to assist all those who want to get to Heaven.

Does God exist?

I can tell you that yes. God does exist! I know this because he revealed him self to me many times. If you would like proof yourself that God does exist, think about how a baby grows in its mothers womb for 9 months and then comes out into the world. Think of how the sun rises in the morning, and sets each evening. Think of how we as humans eat and sleep and are a thriving independent being. God is in all living things, you simply need to watch life, to know God is real.

God cleanses us

I avoided Accepting God into my heart for many years because I wanted to still follow an unrighteous, and sinful lifestyle but yet , still call my self a Christian. Every time I would start to follow God, he would stop me from doing many of the things in my comfortable yet sinful lifestyle. I would get the feeling my life as I knew it was falling apart. Looking back I now know God wanted to cleanse, so that I could become purely his.

You may also find that once you commit your self to holy living, things start to happen; Satan may tempt you numerous times on many occasions. Just know you are not alone, this is Gods way of making us a new so that we may be purged of our old habits, and become clean as the day we were born. 

Depend on God

God told me plane as day one time…Depend on me. I understood in that moment exactly what he meant. He was telling me there was no need to worry, that all I had to do was depend on him for all that I needed. This was very comforting, because I am the type of person who worries about just about everything. It is comforting to know God loves me enough to tell me to cast all my fears and doubts and troubles on him, and that he will work it all out for me. He wants the same thing for you too, you are his creation, his child, and God loves you.

How to Depend God

Whenever you have a problem, whenever you are unsure about something, whenever you need some guidance, or just someone to talk to…depend on God!  God is always there he sees and he knows all that we feel and desire.

You can call upon God any time by way of prayer. Prayer is your 24 direct line, straight to God the Almighty. If you are feeling uncertain, if desire to have a certain type of person come into your life, If you need help with a project, pray about it, and allow God to provide the answer in his time. We are Gods children his most prized creation, he wants us, to pray to him any time we have a problem or concern, he wants us to depend on him.

The power of our words

Do you know the words you speak, have great power? To get into heaven, we must choose our words wisely. In heaven there is no foul language, no put downs of others, no negative talk whatsoever. Heaven is a place of cleanliness and purity.

In the bible God said, ‘let there be light’ and there was light. The bible also says that we were ‘made us in his image’ therefore our words too, have power. God welcomes those into heaven who use kind words when communicating with others.  God shines his light favourably on those who use clean uplifting and positive words to express themselves, because the earthly life is our training and test for our spiritual life. There for God only allows those in heaven who have shown to use their word power in the most loving and gentlest of ways.



The Holy Christian Bible

As a born Rasta I can tell you much of the truth of life is written in the Christian bible. However again, as a born Rasta, I can also tell you that much of living your life clean and pure, to go to Heaven is not written in the Christian bible. We as Rasta know the King James Version Christian bible is the one of the strongest tools available to Enter Holy Mount Zion.

I recommend reading the King James Version bible from start to finish at least once, and if you read it daily, read at least a chapter a day. You may find that when you read the bible on a regular basis, Satan may try to pull you away from the path of righteousness, 0with many temptations, and upsets.



How to Handle Enemies

God wants us to be peaceful loving beings that we truly are. We are his creations and he wants us to make him proud.  The bible says in 7 Romans Chapter 12 Verse 17 ‘…Recompense to no man evil for evil provide things honest in the sight of all men. Dearly beloved avenge not your selves, but rather give place unto wrath: For it is written, vengeance is mine, I will repay…’ This bible verse is explaining that when we are obedient and keep the word of the other word God is the Almighty, he sees and he knows all things, If you have a righteous heart, with your enemies you need not be concerned.

Choose your words ‘Godly’

God sees and knows all things, even what we choose to say. It is important to enter have to use clean word that are of God. What does this mean? It means speaking high and kind words of others. It means resisting the urge to tell somebody off…it means refraining from Gossip and slander. Heaven is a place of peace, there is not room for someone with bad language, who speaks poorly of other people.


5 power tools to Enter Heaven

  • Keep Gods Laws and Commandments
  •  Daily Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Daily Meditation
    • Resist Temptation


Fast Regularly

Fasting does not have to be done daily. However the next closest thing to daily fast is to eat once a day and drink plenty of water through out the day. Fasting gives our physical process of digestion a break, which gives way to our spiritual self. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and you may find you feel revitalized, refreshed and have less hunger. If eating once a day does not work for you, then fast for one day, the same day each week. When we fast, we sacrifice God looks favorably on those who sacrifice with him in mind.

Jesus Sabbath Fast

As Rastafari we practice a holy Sabbath every Friday evening from sundown to Saturday evening at sunset. Doing so can bring unimaginable blessing into your life. Jesus Christ also practiced a Sabbath fast. The scripture says in Mathew 11 Chapter 12, At that time Jesus went on the Sabbath day through the corn; and his disciples were a hungered…’ This bible verse implies that not only did Jesus keep the holy Sabbath and fast but possibly out of respect for his spiritual practices his disciples did too. If a Sabbath fast was good for the Son of God, who we know now dwells in heaven, why wouldn’t fasting benefit us too. 


Meditation is a spiritual key. It unlocks the door to your spiritual self and God. Meditation is good for the soul, and good for the physical being and his physical experience. Daily Meditation may build a stronger connection between our selves and The Most High, so that when transition we may ascend into heaven, for God has been in communication with us while here on earth,

Resist Temptation

As a Rastafari I know that to resist temptation is one of the most important parts of Getting into heaven. God does not allow, prostitutes, murderers, liars, thieves, whoremongers, with their mind and unclean behaviors into heaven. All of these are sin which can be resisted. It is better to put all your weights on the righteous side of Gods scale and avoid putting weights on the unrighteous side. To get into heaven, we must remember that Satan will try to get into our path daily, and that also daily we must resist his temptations,

Temptation is the seed that is planted in our minds to ruin out chances of getting into heave. God does not want common folk with so self control and no regard for his laws in heaven. God welcomes into heaven those who make remembrance of him every day, those who recognize sin while it is still temptation and resist. God make a place for those in his world, who make a place for him in their world. Resist temptation in all instances so that God will have nothing against you to inhibit your entrance into Holy Mount Zion.

These daily practices were chosen as the most important spiritual practices to get to heaven.

Resist temptation bible verse here


Keep Gods laws and Commandments


Fasting is a good tool to demonstrate to god, the creator that you love him, you acknowledge him, and that you care about starvation in the world. By Fasting God may bestow abundant blessings into your life. Fasting in combination with other spiritual practices is called a spiritual Fast.

 The Rastafari Fast

Acknowledge world Hunger

As Rastafari we fast in order to acknowledge world hunger. We do this by abstaining from eating solid food for the 24 hours during our holy Sabbath. If we eat without thought for others who do not have, then we on a level practice gluttony. When we acknowledge starving and hungry men women and children around the world, by going hungry our selves for a time, God looks favourably us, this helps to get us into heaven.

Mind control of the Body

It is important as Rastafari to have control over your body processes. Hunger can be overcome by the mind. Once a week we as Rasta use our mind to tell the body know, in order that we may have mind control over our bodies, and that we may not be over come by bodily urges and desires, such as sex and over eating.

Exercise the Spirit

Last but not least, another reason why Rasta fast during the holy Sabbath is to practice being our spirit. Our spirit is active while we live our earthly lives. When we fast, our bodies become more ‘light weight’ as we are not digesting and processing food. In combination with other spiritual practices, this allows our spirit entity to become stronger, and makes us more ready to enter the spirit realm and heaven.

How to do a spiritual fast

Minimum 24 Fast

During this time you are not to eat any solid food. Only juices and teas may be drunk.

Bible Reading and Fasting

Reading the bible puts Gods law at the forefront of our minds. Reading the bible in combination with a fast creates an atmosphere of spiritual heights.

Meditation and Fasting

Meditating during a fast is very powerful. When you fast and you are light weight, the meditation has the ability to transcend your mind, into another state of being.

Prayer and Fasting

Prayer combined with fasting is a great way to acknowledge the creator. By praying, you tell God that this time is for him and by fasting he knows provided a sacrifice.

Fasting Alone in Silence

God is in the silences. God and his heavenly Angles are more likely to share a message with us when we are alone and in a quiet space, rather than when we are with others or being distracted by others sounds. Fasting in prolonged Silence is a powerful way to invite God into your life.

Doing these things in combination creates an environment where God the Creator knows he is welcome, and where you can practice being your spirit. Practice these things on a regular basis; you will swing the pendulum in your favour to enter Heaven.


If you are in search of a Religion for your self. I highly recommend Christianity. Christianity has a very good reputation and you don’t have to wear any special type of clothing as a follower. Christians are non gender biased and respect other Religions. Christianity was my gateway Religion. Before accepting my Self as Rastafari I was embracing Christianity.

Unfortunately much of Religion now a day has become corrupt. We need to arm our self with the truth of God in our hearts to know right from Wrong when following a Religion.



The Importance of meditation

Meditation is a higher octave of Prayer so to speak. Meditation is a link to God, that allows us to be more like him in order that we may also acquire his attributes. Calmness, awareness, humbleness, humility, understanding, unconditional love. Meditation opens up the channel of communication between our spiritual selves, and the Almighty powerful force we know as God.

From this awareness our quality of life may be greatly improved as we begin to see life what it truly is instead of how we are conditioned to see life. By way of meditation the truth of many things may begin to emerge as our true selves, the ever-present self becomes more attuned.

What time of is best to meditate?

Meditation can be done at any time, of day however the best time to meditate is in the morning after you have just woken up. Morning is a good time to reap the rewards of quiet, and when we have just woken up we have just come out of a state of being our spiritual self, and lowering the processes of our physical processes. That being said meditation can be done anytime you can find a quiet spot where you will not be distracted, and when you are well rested.

How to Meditate

Meditation should be done in a silent room when we are alone. Simply sit in a comfortable position, and just be. If thoughts come to mind, when we first begin, just know this is normal. To help you focus, we may use positive high vibratory words to assist us with out meditation,. Take for example the word love. We my say quietly in our minds the word love. And allow thoughts associated with love to flow.

When we meditate in a positive frame of mind we alert our higher selves that we would like to achieve a oneness, and the higher self may respond. Meditation may be easy for some and harder to achieve for others. Due to the fact that each person is naturally at a different state of consciousness or spiritual sense. 

The best result that can be achieved by meditation is to be called into meditation instead of going into mediation by choice. Once we achieve this state we have achieved oneness of self universe and the Almighty Power God.





There is a great power in prayer. Do you know God is just waiting for you to come to him. He created you. There is a part of you that can only be filled by him. Prayer can put you in touch with the Almighty, and allow us to feel better with in our selves. It is easy in a materialistic driven society to feel empty at times. But God can make us feel fulfilled. Prayer is your acknowledgement that God is real, you are his child, you have a spirit and you believe in him, his love and his power. Prayer can turn a situation around, bring about the right people for any particular concern or problem, and can provide answers to our most pressing concerns. Prayer is our connection to God turned on in full swing. Prayer is our belief that God does love us and he does here what we have to say.

How to pray

Every person was born with the ‘the knowing’ inside of them, of how to pray. There is no need for any sort of guideline. However I do have on recommendation. Be completely honest! Talk to God the same way you would speak to your best friend. As a Rasta I can tell you this is exactly what he wants. This is the type of prayer that will bring you closer to God and encourages him to pour blessings and favour over your life. Next time you pray, Just be your self, but dig deeper, be completely honest. Oh and one more thing, make sure you are alone, and there are no electronics, barking dogs, or any other noises that can disturb you. God loves you, he awaits communication and open and honest with him.


The benefits of meditation


More words we can meditate on

  1. 1.     love
  2. 2.     God
  3. 3.     Nature
  4. 4.     Prosperity
  5. 5.     Hope

What is an Angel?

 An Angel is a soul that dedicated their earthly life to God and has been granted the status of Angel. An angel at the time of his or her transition, was a person who mediated on God regularly, and who adhered his law in their life. When they transitioned, they looked forward to the creator with out any guess whatsoever and became an Angel. An Angle is a soul who has transitioned who works on behalf of God to help earthly beings. Angles are very loving thoughtful and kind, and they roam feely and abundantly in heaven.

Will likely become an Angel?

Does noise from many people bother you?

Do you prefer a quiet setting?

Do you dislike disagreements?

Do you like the to read the bible

Do you often help other people?

Feeling Desperate and Alone?

Many of us have had the feeling of God help me please. One of the best things you can do at this point is to go into a closet, put your hands together and say the lord’s prayer word for word slowly meaning every word. Then explain to God what it is that you need help with.

Once you do this, you can rest assured; God is setting things in motion to help you with your problem.

I have felt desperate and alone at times in my life. I can remember, being homeless and living in a shelter. I wanted two things from God. A loving and attentive boyfriend, who would love me for who I was, and a really big beautiful apparent to live in. I prayed the same prayer for about 2 months. within 4 months I had both my loving attentive boyfriend and a brand new big beautiful apartment. God is listening; he wants us to depend on him. He is ready to answer our prayers.

2 Powerful things you can do when you feel desperate and alone. Give thanks for all that you do have. Thank god for bringing you what you are asking for even though it has not come yet.

Bible verse here


Timothy Chapter 3 explains many sins of man…here is what the scripture reads…

By this we have a clear guide of the things which are unclean and unrighteous according to the word of God. Be mind ful of these behaviors so that you may be aware and avoid them



Suicide is one of the larger sins against Gods laws. God decided the day and time each and every single being would enter this world. As the creator, he also has a date and time set of when we will leave this earth. If a person decides to take his own life, then he has broken Gods law.

The repercussions of breaking Gods law is eternal damnation or purgatory. Unfortunately if a person commits suicide, they greatly increase their chances of going into eternal damnation.

Can a Gay person Enter Heaven?

Gay people can absolutely go to Heaven. God does not hate gay people, God dislikes when people gay or straight break his laws. Many of Gods laws can be found in the bible, include …..

How can a gay person enter heaven?

A gay person can enter heaven by avoiding gay sin. In other words, the problem is not being gay, the problem is commiting the act of gay sex. Gay sex is a sin according to the Holy Bible. Gay sex is considered defilement against the holy temple the same as Prostitution, the same as Gluttony, the same as Alcoholism.

As long as a gay person avoids gay sex, they have the same opportunity to get into heaven as anybody else.

Many Resist temptations

Many people are resisting temptations everyday, not just gay people. Many people who are addicted to drugs are attending Narcotics anonymous, Many people after coming to Jesus, decide not to live a life of crime anymore, like a Gay person, they too may be tempted. (insert one more form of temptation here) For some people it’s over eating, for others, it infidelity, for others, resisting the desire to sleep with children…

Obsession and Addiction

Obsession and or Addiction can hinder our chances of gettiong into heaven. Heres why. At the time in which we transition, whatever thoughts we have that dominate our thinking are the thoughts that will dominate our thinking once we have transitioned.

Obsessions and Addictions have the ability to follow us into the spirit realm once we transitions. This is why it is important at any given time to have God at the forfront of all our thoughts, other wise we may transition and still be…addicted to gambling, obsessed with finding more recreational drugs, desiring to get that co-worker back. God wants those in heaven with a clean heart and good intentions who know him, and who have not become consumed by earthly addictions, or obsessed with earthly concerns, such as making money, having sex, gambling etc

Whatever concerns us most while we are here, will still concern us most once we transition. To get into heaven we keep our hearts minds and deeds on the law of the Almighty God, daily.


Is there hope after Sin?

There is still hope to get into heaven after one has sinned. Once or even many times. Think of a clean and holy life as  a glass of crystal clear water. of which one hearing to Gods laws, making remembrance of him each day, praying and meditating…Now image someone puts a drop of red dye into the crystal clear water, the water will turn a light red in color. It will take much more water to get dilute rid of the red dye.

Sin can be overcome with righteousness. If we set our minds to serve God, and make a commitment to sin no more, and we repent, heaven is a good possibility.

We must accomplish many righteous actions, especially for and towards one another to dilute one unrighteous deed, in order to go to heaven.

The bible says in Timothy Chapter one verse 9; ‘…The law is not made for a righteous man but for the lawless and the disobedient. ..’ Therfore if you have sinned in the past, there is still hope, the holy Christian bible was made for you. .


Hell is the awareness of the accumulation of Gods laws that we have broken. Without the distraction of other people or earthly created devices. In other words Hell is the point in which God has made us aware of all his laws that we have broken, and we have no body to talk to and no electronics to entertain us. We are left to face our sins, and to purge for as long as the Almighty God sees fit.

My Dream about Hell/Purgatory

I was in spirit and could fly. I was roaming a beautiful family neighbourhood town with lots of houses. It was a nice sunny day, the birds were chirping and the leaves on the entire tree were green. The streets were lined with large houses, and there was a car parked in just about every drive way. There was just one problem,  I was so alone, there was no one person to talk to and not  dog to even play with. I began flying in and out of every house, to check for people, there was no one anywhere. I wanted to watch tv but none of the televisions would turn on. I was floating and staring at this beautiful neighbourhood from above when feeling somewhat desperate and very alone, Suddenly an entity came around me, I could feel his presence. His energy was masculine. We began to communicate by way of thought. I asked him where is everybody? He began to list in detail every single one of Gods laws that I had broken over the course of my life. Some were sexual, some were mean things I had done to other people, and some had to do with times I didn’t listen to Gods message or instruction. I felt so ashamed listening to him list all of my sins one by one, I could also feel his disappointment. I understood he was giving me the reasons why I was alone in that beautiful town. I asked him how long I had to stay here like this, thats when his energy started to fade out. I shouted stronger how long. But he just left me there. I wept and cried like a baby knowing that everything he just said to me was the truth and that he was watching me the whole time. I continued to weep and beg for forgiveness, but he did not come back, that is when I woke up.

I am sure I had the experience of either being in Hell, or in purgatory. I am sure it was hell because, what is life without each other. But I also believe it was purgatory because I felt like I was being forced to have real remorse for all the sin I had committed in the past. That was the way it had to be.

After I had that dream I started to live my life from a different perspective. I decided I didnt want God, to be able to list all the sin I committed in my life, and that I wanted to do Good and only good. Needless to say, that dream scared the crap out of me. But I feel blessed that he would give me the dream as a warning,.


How to get into heaven; 10 keys

  • make daily remembrance of God
  • avoid  Satan’s lies gimmicks or ploys
  • Eat foods that are light so your meditation will be stronger
  • Respect and value all living life
  • Read the King James Bible daily
  • Do something nice fore someone else every day without expecting anything in return
  • Make God your Income
  • Fight evil with more love
  • Pray every morning and every night