Are Rastafarians Just Dirty?

Are Rastafarians Just Dirty?

Rastafarian Dreadlocks

The Dreadlocks have a very special and Important meaning. Rastafarians are not just a people who are lazy and dirty. I know that people are looking at me and thinking, “she must be dirty!” But it’s quite the opposite. Let me explain. Rastafari wear their hair in Dreadlocks to Salute the Most High. Of course it does not make any sense, you are not Rasta. But for us, it makes a lot of sense. God, the real, God, not the one we have been taught to believe in has a place in just about everything. One of his markers is Dreadlocks.

Rastas are some of the Cleanest people

By the way Rastafarians are some of the cleanest people on the planet. We love to wash our dreadlocks because we like the feeling of washing our dreadlocks and the way our hair smells once it is finally washed. So please do not make any negative assumptions. Many people who embrace this way of life, who do not come from the Caribbean are under the misconception that they are not supposed to wash their hair. Actually this is offensive on so many levels….

If you don’t wash your locks, they will stink, and you will offend people

My spirituality calls for cleanliness, when you don’t wash your dreadlocks, others will think I (with Dreadlocks) am the same way.

Rastafarians love to live natural hence the Dreadlocks

Rastafarians love to live natural. Dreadlocks is just one “expression” of living a life that is natural fuss free, and puts God (Jah) at the forefront. Dreadlocks are easy to take care of and have a natural earth like appearance.

I can remember when I was about 2 years old and Rastafari people would come into our business to buy music. I use to think that hair was so long and special. Then when I got older and would see women with dreadlocks, I thought “oh how nice her hair looks like the branches of a tree. That is so natural and beautiful.” This is my blog, I am sharing my thoughts. I don’t know what others think, but I think locks are beautiful.


become a rasta book cover

Don’t judge people by their appearance

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Please do not judge people with Dreadlocks by their appearance. We are human beings and individuals just like everybody else. We just want freedom and peace of mind just like you. The next time you see a Rastafari or somebody with Dreadlocks, don’t stare, just come over and say Hi. You might be surprised by the warm reception you get back. Many people with dreadlocks are very down to earth. I will be finished my book soon entitled “White Rastafari” in which I explain many things about Rastafari Culture.

Dobob marley dreadlocks you think Bob Marley was dirty?

Bob Marley wasn’t dirty. He had way too many girlfriends. Maybe they even thought his dreadlocks were sexy. I don’t know. I plan to move to Jamaica, where people wont stare at me so much. I have been stared at so many times here in Toronto, Canada, that when I visited Jamaica back in February of 2012, I felt out of sorts, not have the Jamaican people staring at me. Not one person said a word to me about my hair. In fact many people smiled at me. Again, Bob Marley and his naturalistic vibration and music, paved the way for the rest of us Rastafarians.

Jamaicans know Rasta are not dirty

Many people who come from the Caribbean Islands know that Rastafarians are not “just dirty people.” This is because there are many Rastafarians living in the Caribbean Islands. I just love to see Rastafari in the Caribbean or in the west. There are some Rastafarians living in the west in places like America, Canada and England. We are a small group, but we are growing world-wide.

What is Rastafari anyway?

Maybe this is the first time you are hearing about Rastafari. Well Rastafari is a way of life that celebrates, African and Caribbean Culture. There is much more to it than that, but that is the short answer. If you would like a deeper explanation. Check out my book entitled “How to Become a Rasta” You can buy it on, or visit my blog. Visit Today!

Rasta Books: Rasta Way of Life books

Rasta Way of Life book Life as a rasta woman book






life as a rasta woman







11 thoughts on “Are Rastafarians Just Dirty?

  1. Im none of an rasta nor any of jamaican? How ever i have some level of west indies blood which flows in my body??? But rasta is ok!!! Like any other belief. Islam/blackpanther movement. Just keeping in touch with being apart of africaness is key. Black afro americans/ west indies world wide we all family.big ups respect to jamaica rasta


  2. Peace empress. Give thanks for the info. I would love to chat with my fellow sistren. Could you email me at I have a few question for you. I had a disagree with a empress yesterday about modesty. I need another empress input. peace.


  3. Just curious if you are a white Rasta living in Canada? How did you come to know so much a bout Rasta men if you have never lived in the culture of one of the carribean islands where the Rasta movement is concentrated? I loved Rasta so much. I have not had the honor of becoming friends with a Rasta woman at all. But I have been hurt really bad by the first Rasta man I became friends with. I looked online and your site is the only informational site on Rasta behavior. With all due respect, unless I pay money for your book,there are no mysterious facts about these men to be found online. It concerns me as a person who loves to go to a different carribean island on vacation every year. If these Rastamen are scamming white women for their money, or a way to get to the U.S., as I have been and many others, why isn’t there more online facts about this? People should be warned and informed before they innocently go traveling to these places where the pretty deceiving Rasta men are. After reading so many posts from broken hearted girls with the same type of man I had the misfortune of meeting, it only confirms that the majority of these pretty carribean dreadlocked Rasta men are nothing special at all and no better than men in the U.S. The Rasta men may be the best lovers, have alluring accents, telling you exactly what blows your mind and beautiful skin & hair, but the majority of men in the U.S. who I have known are sensetive to women’s feelings, they work for a living, they are generous with money and gifts and they stay loyal to one woman for many years. U.S. men are also good in bed, it just takes time to train them to your specific needs;) I’m glad that something positive came out of my painful lesson. The grass isn’t greener with a Carribean Rasta man. My faithfulness to one man ended after 23 yrs of marriage. I was sexually frustrated because my husband is older and taking medications to stop his sex drive. Sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship, especially after you have been with that person for years and there is a family involved who would be hurt so bad if I left him just for that reason. I was so proud of myself for not being conned by the obviously horny St. Lucian locals on the beach. Until I met Mr. perfect, acting so humble and genuine with me, luring me with those eyes and deep voice. We were just supposed to meet one night for a joint. He made the moves and talked so smooth. Told me he was in love with me. Then started calling me the day I got home. I kept questioning the red flags and that would make him quarrel with me.
    Anyways, he is very clean, showers twice a day. His hair smelled like the rainforest. When we first met his hair was more like Bob Marley. When I came to stay for a week with him, he got his hair “rolled” and every lock was exactly the same width. Nothing like Bob Marley or the “dirty looking” locks I have seen. As it turned out, he is very into material things and external beauty, Had to keep up his “image” looking cool for the people who know him on the streets. Very worried about what everyone thinks of him or who is watching him.


    1. I think I speak for all Jamaican men when I say I think it maybe best that you stick with white men….you would not understand….it’s a “black ting”. I noticed you contradicted yourself several times in your post. You say sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, but in the same breath you say that is the reason you ended a 23 YEAR MARRIAGE.


  4. Hello, I have a few questions and I have been looking for someone to answer them and help me out along the way. I was wondering if I could email you for more help.


  5. Who gives a shit about your dirty hair? Ive been to Jamaica, and you people have a much more serious problem than your hair. What a filthy place! Show some respect for your island, and our oceans, and stop throwing your trash everywhere! It was absolutely everywhere except the upscale hotel properties. When I saw it washing up in the ocean that got me really pissed. Because you’re not trashing your own once beautiful dump of an island, where you live, but the ocean as well. We all share that you low lifes. Anyone who wants to see for themselves google “Jamaica trash” and look at the disgusting images.


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