Rastafari: Beliefs & Principles

Principles of Rastafari


In my new Book Entitled “Rastafari: Beliefs & Principles” I outline 16 Principles of the Rastafari livity. The purpose of these principles is to guide Rastafari to live life daily in a manner that is pleasing to The Most High, so that we may be “deemed fit” to enter Holy Mount Zion.

I have divided These principles into 3 groups for  “overstanderstanding”

Rasta beliefs about Self

The Rastafari Principles “Self” refer to the self and the body as holy temple…

Rasta Beliefs about Zion

The Rastafari principles “Zion” refer to our day to day living (Zion living…)

Rasta Beliefs about Others

The Rastafari Principles of “Others” refer to living among and working with peoples of other nations, and living and working within the black nation…

Best books on rastafarianism


“…Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you..?.”

1 Corinthians 3:16

Rastafari Belief #1.Keep the Temple Clean

In Rastafari the Body is also known as “The Temple.” It is very easy to “defile” The Temple, with many “unclean” habits, behaviors, and foods. Rasta keep The Temple clean and Holy so that we may be deemed “fit” to enter Zion, in which only the “clean“ are welcome.

Temple as “Holy House”

Your temple/body is also a “house of Jah.” Your body is used for prayer fasting and Jah dwells inside your holy house with you so that you can always be with him.

As Rastafari we adhere to a strict diet of “clean” fruits, vegetables, and herbs in order that we keep the temple as “holy” and as clean possible. Rastafari also do a once a month detoxification to clean out build up that may be in our digestive system. As Rasta “clean” means, body, mind, and spirit.

More tips to keep the mind body spirit clean

“Body Cleanliness”

No smoking of Babylon cigarettes; Rastafari smoke natural marijuana or natural tobacco

No ingesting of Babylon pharmaceuticals

No eating fast food

No eating meat

“Mind Cleanliness”

No horror movies

No conversations of corruption (gossip)

No porn movies or photos

No corrupted talk shows like Jerry Springer

“Spirit Cleanliness”

Keep Jah 10 Commandments

Do Good unto others

Be the first to Apologize

Avoid Arguments and disagreements

Rastafari Belief #2.Eat not of Flesh

As Rasta we believe to eat meat is to eat “dead Flesh” For some this is their way of life and no disrespect to anybody who does that. For the sake of Rastafari, and the will and power of the Almighty Jah, Rasta do not eat meat!

 Here are some very clear distinct reasons for this principle.

 Medical history of animal unknown

Did you know meat has to rot in the body before it can exit the body?

Maintaining a body that is meat free more spiritually aligned

Meat eating may disrupt or clog up communications with Angels and Ancestors

Rasta do not eat meat, we care very much about our spiritual connections with our Ancestors and Angles. Anybody who tells you Rasta eat meat…its not true we do not! If someone does this and calls themself “Rasta” this is not the sprit of Jah they are dealing with.

Rastafari Belief #3.Self-Reliance

Self-Reliance in Rastafari means making your own money. To be living off the earnings of another may be considered a sin unless the two of you are married or common law. As Rasta we know we must make our own individual contribution to society, so that we can hold our head up high and appreciate the things that we have, and have earned.

Self-Reliance, Anti-Crime

Rastafari do not believe in a life of crime, or breaking the law in any way such as stealing, or lying, for money. Therefor however one embraces this faith and chooses to generate money, it must be clean and honest to be considered of Jah- Rastafari.

Convert To Rastafari!

Learn the Rasta Way of Life!

10 Things you should know about Rastafari

rasta prayer book_

Rastafari Belief #4. Servant of Jah

This principle which applies to the self is to help those who follow Rastafari to understand that to be a Servant of Jah is of the highest honour to self.

How can we become Servants of Jah?

Humble ourselves in Adversity

Encourage others to embrace Rastafari (no there is no Reward in Zion for doing so)

Bring “More Love” and Unity, to the any situation

Live for Jah not for our ego, and not for Babylon

Help those in need without being asked

Feed the poor

Rasta knows Jah needs more soldiers of love in Babylon. Be a beacon of light and love for someone else. Be a model of love and Jah “Highness” to others at all times.

I work for Jah!

I always have it in the back of my mind…no matter what I am doing, that I must always remember who I represent…Jah! I never want someone to say “I knew a Rasta girl…and…” then have something negative to follow it up with. So I try to be positive, and remember who I work for.


Rastafari Belief #5. Self-Awareness

Self-awareness leads to self Esteem.

Many Black youth and adults struggle with their self-Awareness, due to a lack of information about our history and culture, and brainwashing, in school and media about the black identity. These things cause us to struggle with our self-esteem.

Self (Awareness) Esteem for black people

Natural black hair

Anybody who wants to follow Rastafari as a way of life, must wear their hair in natural beautiful dreadlocks. Doing this will help to build your self-esteem tenfold. I know because I have my hair in locks, and I am more beautiful and free, now then when I was wearing wigs, weaves and extensions. If you are not ready to lock, be sure to embrace your natural coily hair as an afro.

Shop Black

Supporting black business is extremely important for Self Esteem and the Rastafari community. This builds black business, and creates self-esteem by shopping in a shop that has your image and interests, and identity, and health in mind. Too much black hue-mans are shopping in stores, that know nothing of our culture, and physical or spiritual needs. Support black business and also black Authors, and as a black hue-man, you may feel more “spiritually attuned and grounded.”

Positive Black Vocabulary

It’s time we as black hue-man’s start to use “positive vocabulary” when making references to our coily African black hair and black skin complexion.

In Reference to our hair we may say…

Jah hair

Coily hair

Royal Crown

Wooly Jesus hair

In reference to our beautiful skin tone we may say:

High Melanin Complexion

Jah skin

Honorable Completion

Royal Complexion

Beautiful African Skin

Burnt Brass Color

Using these “terms” will go a long way to creating self-love, and inner self esteem as a black hue-man. I was sent here to tell you this.

Self-awareness for other nations

 Self-Awareness as Rastafari is knowing and learning about and accepting your own culture, roots and identity.

You can do this by doing some Google searches, reading books, on your culture and peoples, and by asking questions of the Elders In your family.

Self-Awareness is a very important Rastafari Principles because as we know much of the Culture of the African Nation was lost due to slavery. Many black people today are disconnected from their roots. Jah wants all people of all creeds to know their roots and where they come from and Know who they are. I have a Rasta Book that talks about Rastafari and black African Americans.

Rastafari Belief #6. Freedom of Self

Freedom of Self as Rastafari means…

Freedom to choose our own spiritual destiny

This means freedom to believe in and to practice whatever faith or culture we choose, or belong to.

Freedom to express and create

This means freedom to share our ideas and creations with the world via art, music, poetry, etc.

Freedom to “Roam”

Freedom to “Roam” means if we choose to simply roam the earth, without doing anything that Babylon asks of us, we should be able to do it. Animals do it…they live free, they roam, just the way Jah intended them to do….Why not people too….if we choose to do so? Want to read the complete book Rastafari Beliefs and Principles. eBook Check it out on amazon.com

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