bob marley dreadlocksWelcome to The Jamaican love blog. My name is Empress Yuajah. I am a Rastafari woman. for those of you who do not know what that means to be Rastafari, it means I have the same spiritual beliefs as Bob Marley. I am an Author, blogger and Reggae music song writer.  I hope to move to Jamaica by the end of 2013. Jamaican culture and Rastafari culture are my passions.

My Blog 1st Blog Jamaican Rastafarian Love

My first blog is called Jamaican Rastafarian Love. I started it back in 2010. I started it because I felt so alone as Rastafari Empress living in Mississauga/Ontario. I felt like I needed to expand my feelings, and see if others felt the same way. Well, I ended up becoming a teacher for those who seek information on Rastafari. I enjoyed it. That is a great job for someone like me who prefers to make her whole life Rastafari. Its been great blogging ever since.

My Passion for Jamaican Culture

I have a huge love for Jamaican and Rastafari culture. I am Jamaican through my parents and through my spirituality, but I was born in Toronto. I know some people don’t become a rasta book coverlike people born in Toronto, and some people don’t like people who are Jamaican. I am a proud Jamaican Canadian. Most of my days consist of creating something cultural. That could be anything from working on a new Rasta Book, to hand beading some Rasta Jewelry or necklaces, to  creating a new blog post for my Jamaican or my Rastafari Blog. Jamaica is King, Rastafari is truth. Give thanks and praise. Selassie I, Jah Rastafari.

More Ital Rasta Food Diet Recipes

  1. How to cook Ital Rasta Curried Carrot Soup
  2. How to Cook Jamaican Style Cabbage
  3. How to cook Caribbean Saute Okra
  4. How to cook Jamaican Style Rice and Peas

My Books on Jamaican Culture and Rastafari

The purpose of this blog is to share my passions, and my love for Jamaica with you, and even to share some of Toronto culture with you as well. I have something very exciting planned for my next blog post, so check back soon.


Rasta Way of Life Life as a rasta woman







life as a rasta woman





As we say as Rastafari, Jah Bless.

Bless, Love. Rastafari

Why I say Jah-maica is King

cheap-jamaica2.jpgJamaica has something special about it. Its something that cannot really be put into words and doesnt really have a reason for its uniqueness. My Rastafari friend says “Jamaica has the pearl” meaning Jamaica is now special because King Selassie I visited Jamaica in April of 1966. Well yes I agree with him, however I beleive Jamaica was special before this. Again I dont know why, but I feel that Jah has chosen the Jamaican people to deliver his message of love hope peace and togetherness. so with that Jamaica is King. So many wonderful Reggae music artists have come out of Jamaica, and little Jamaica is world renowned for

  • The Fastest Man in the World, Usain Bolt
  • Bob Marley The biggest Reggae music artist of all time
  • Ackee and Saltfish our International dish
  • Reggae Music in general
  • Rastafari

Jamaicans raise their children to be creative, I believe this is why Jamaica has so many cool accomplishments, and is known world wide.

I blog about Jamaica for two reasons

I blog because if I go around talking about Jamaica to people who don’t want to hear about it, it wont make any sense. But if I share my knowledge and experiences involving Jamaican Culture with others online who want to hear about it, then it works nicely. I have also created an income by blogging and writing and have written a book about this too. Sounds funny I know. But I have been meaning to write this book for a very long time. The book is called “How to Blog for Money.” it teaches you how to blog and sell  your own eBooks.

All My Book Titles

My book titles include…

You can see I have been writing since April of 2012, and since then I have written 5 books. I love it. It does slow down my blogging a little bit, but I try to balance both. My books give me an opportunity to share more information about Rasta and Jamaican Culture, with those who want more information.

My Blogs

My blogs are…

When I have jamaicanlove.org all set up, it will have all of my books, and other products and services available. You will have to be patient and check back. I have some plans for that blog.

When I am not writing or blogging

When I am not blogging or writing, I enjoy listening to Rasta Reggae music, visiting used book stores, and of course shopping. I mostly like to shop for Rastafari Flags, and bracelets. Other than that I am constantly planning new things, things I can share with others.

Growing up in Jamaican Culture

Growing up I didn’t really know I was Jamaican. It wasn’t until I noticed that all my girlfriends were dating Jamaican men, that I noticed hey I too am Jamaican. Before then I thought of my self as mostly Canadian with a Jamaican Mom and Dad. I guess that is because my brother and Sister are Canadian too, and so were all of our friends. Now that I am older, I know that other people do not see me as Canadian as I once thought that they did. I love my Jamaican Culture. I once said to a friend of mine recently, “without my Jamaican Culture, I would be an empty shell!” I cannot imagine my life without all of my values, principles and beliefs, that make up who I am.

Becoming a Writer

I became a writer because I realized there was a need for the information that I had. I always thought that the things I knew about God, and life, and Rastafari could not make me money, but now they do. I sell my books online and promote them from my blog, and it somehow feels right for me. But still I feel like there is more to do. Writing is a great way to express your self and share your thoughts. To get the ideas out of your head. I enjoy blogging about Jamaican Rastafari Culture so much. Its like breathing for me.

Embracing Rastafari Livity

My decision to embrace Rastafari (Become a Rasta) was a long time coming. I knew since I was 10 I was suppose to be Rastafari, but I was discouraged to grow my locks. Then at the age of 31 with much planning, I finally made my commitment to the Most High and locked my hair. Since my covenant, I am proud to say I have not broken it. Well, ok, I have smoked cigarettes, but I have since quit. Rastafari has been good for my life in  so many ways…..

  • I don’t drink Alcohol
  • I don’t smoke cigarettes
  • I don’t swear at people (but I do swear for emphasis)
  • I avoid arguments
  • I don’t want what I don’t have
  • I depend on Jah for all


My life is my spirituality. I also enjoy other spiritual pursuits of which I will share online as well. Until next time.

Rastafari. H.I.M


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi i am agnostic currently, but would like to seek some knowledge about rastafari.

    Do rastas read a particular version of the bible?

    Some people explain that the Qurann has only 1 version, thus making it untouched and accurate, while the bible has many versions meaning man could have tainted some words and truths.

    Also very recently i have been experiencing..negative thoughts to say the least, about white people. I am not in the best of times, because of some decisions i have made in the past, but i am trying my best now. I have gone to many interviews and always did conduct myself in an appropiate fashion but never the less i cannot find employment. I really am starting to believe it is because of my skin color. I do not like the society we have here in canada because i am realising this is a white society built for whites.
    Every rule law and decision made here is by a white man.
    I also realise this way of thinking is wrong, but it constantly plays in my head and i am afraid if something does not change in my life soon these idealologies will consume me..to say the least.

    I feel smoking herb helps me reason with these feelings and understand but it is not enough and id like to know how rastfari can help


    1. This is something I have never mentioned before…but sometimes the transfer, of the thoughts and feelings of our Ancestors can overwhelm us. Perhaps you are chosen to do something “special” and these thoughts are like a guide, to force you to “move…”


  2. Gage, not to be unkind, but the problem is not white people not hiring you because you’re black, but what do you have to offer in exchange for money? Instead of immersing yourself in the mind-numbing narcosis of weed, why not get some job or skills training, (provided free by the white Canadians), so that you are marketable. There is no mysticism or religion involved. As you mentioned, you have made some poor choices in your life which are now probably biting you in the rear. So your response to not being employable due to these choices is what? Get high on weed and lament about the evil white people who have it in for you? Thousands of black people in Canada have worked hard and prospered, so stop the excuses, get healthy, and make yourself useful!


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