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Hi and welcome to my Blog. If you have selected this page for a viewing. Then you probably want to learn about Jamaican people, Jamaican Culture, and the mindset of the Jamaican people. Visit my other blog

called Jamaican Love and read about Jamaican Culture and Love.

Well when it comes to Jamaican people there are 9 basic things you need to know to understand Jamaicans as a people and Jamaican culture.

#1 Jamaicans do not like lies!

You know how you sometimes lie to save the persons feelings, or lie so you get your own way…do not do this with Jamaican people. Jamaican people believe “if you love me, you will tell me the truth….no matter what!” So do not lie to a Jamaican you want to have a close personal bond with. Chances are if you do lie they will never let you live it down. If you want to stay on our good side, speak the truth…no matter how bad it is.

#2 We love God (Jah)

Rastafarian DreadlocksOk if you do not believe in God, you may have a tough time relating to Jamaican people. Jamaicans are highly spiritual and believe in the power of God so much that a day does not go by without many Jamaicans saying. Thank you Lord, or thank you Jesus. Perhaps this comes from Slavery, or perhaps Jamaicans are just Jah chosen people. I would estimate that 99.99 percent of Jamaican people have a bible on their night stand, usually its the King James Version. We read our bible first thing in the morning and Just before we go to bed at night….Ok so you get it. Jamaicans love God. Yes, most Jamaicans do take what is written in the Bible as gospel. So, if you are non believer and wants to get a long with a Jamaican, just keep your non belief to your self…..If you want to get a long.

#3 Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Since cleanliness is next to Godliness, Jamaicans take maintaining a clean home very seriously. So seriously that if you come into our home and leave it a mess we Jamaicans can get “Vex!” Also if we go into your home and we realize that you do not keep your home clean, many Jamaicans will judge you as dirty, or of low calibre. We are very serious about being clean.

#4 Jamaican Food & Cooking

jerk chicken

Jamaican Food and Cooking is a top priority for any Jamaican. The food that we eat, becomes embedded in our DNA.When we do not get it, we crave it. If we do not get it for an extended period of time, we can become “moody.” Jamaican food is delicious. Jamaicans are world-renowned for their spices and caribbean flavors. Any time you want to have your friends over for dinner and wow them with your cooking skills, just read up some Jamaican recipes online and they will think you have acquires some great culinary skills.

#5 Jamaican Music (Reggae)

Ok. Lets get down to something very important. I could not write this article without saying. Jamaica is a small Island, but we are big world-wide. Jamaican Music – Reggae music, really put Jamaica on the map so to speak, thanks to Artist like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown to name a few. But I wanted to let you know there are two types of Reggae music. Dancehall Reggae Music, and Rastafari Reggae Music. “So, What is the difference?” you ask Well Rastafari Reggae music usually has a message…and talks about Jah. Dancehall music could be about anything and may even include some swear words. Both are world-renowned.

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#6 Rastafari

It is my opinion that Rastafari is what put Jamaica on the Map. Earlier I mentioned that it is our music that put us on the map and that Bob Marley was one of the Rastafari Reggae music artists that helped make it happen. The truth is…Bob Marley blew the door wide open, and he was a Rastafari. So, Rastafari made Jamaica what it is today and gave us that reputation that we have of being a relaxing place with loving people good food and a nice vibe. I give thanks to Bob Marley and Jah for this love and opportunity.

#7 Jamaican heart like an old Oven…?

Lets be honest. If you are not a Jamaican and have little experience with Jamaican people, then you may think that Jamaican people are very cold and distant. The truth is Jamaicans are cold and distant with people we do not know. We want to take the time to get to know you naturally, but we will never say so. The Jamaican heart can be like an old oven….we take some time to warm up…but once we are warm for you…we stay warm very warm a long time. I tried…you know what I mean. LOL

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#8 Respect

Respect is a big thing in Jamaican Culture. If you are not Jamaican it may not make much sense to you. We show respect by saying hi, keeping negative opinions to ourselves, and listening to people when they are upset. Even in Rastafari Culture we say “Raspect” as a greeting and as a good bye too. Respect, and showing respect are seen as “good manners” in Jamaican Culture. If you do not show Respect, people may start to think you were not raised properly. Just how it is…

#9 We try to be the Best

Jamaicans try to be the best in all that we do. Did you know the fastest man in the world right now is a Jamaican. Yes. His name is Urbain Bolt. I am so proud. Jamaican people are raised to be the best. My Culture believes that if you persuade someone to believe they can be the best then they will. It makes sense. So many Jamaican parents raise their children telling them they can be do or have anything they want in life. Urbain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, is a prime example of how we Jamaicans apply ourselves to “be the best!!:”

#10 Do not touch/borrow our things

If you are woman new to Jamaican Culture and you are dating a Jamaican man, I recommend you read, “How to Date a Jamaican man” its an e-book that explains Jamaican Culture, the mother and the Jamaican mans mindset. Back to the Article. Jamaicans do not like when you touch, borrow, or move their things. I know this because I am one, and I do not like it. In my mind it makes my items “not personal” any more. If you want to borrow something, or if you think you might move my items, ask or tell me first, so that I know. Growing up in my household, you could go in my moms room….but oh my goodness “do not move her stuff” was the name of the game. I think again…its just a think of respect.

Thanks for reading. Blessed love.

Check out Jamaican Blog Called Jamaican Rastafarian Love, Check out my blog post entitled “How to Kiss a Jamaican.”


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