What is the symbol of the Rastafari religion?

What is the symbol of the Rastafari religion? by Yuajah Wolks

Answer by Yuajah Wolks:

This is a great question and I am happy to answer it. The 2 “symbols” of the Rastafari Livity and Movement is…

  1. The Lion of Judah: A lion holding or carry a golden scepter with the Ethiopian flag of Red Yellow and Green, hanging off of it.
  1. The Jewish Star of David: The Star of David representing the Kings of Judah, from biblical times, including King Selassie I.
  1. Sometimes we Rasta and manufacturing companies like to combine the star of David and the Lion of Judah. Its a very common symbol on Rastafari clothing.
  2. “Rasta Prayers: Rasta Prayers and Healing Scripture” in the introduction of this book…I explain the purpose of both these symbols.
    Blessed Love. King Selassie I.

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What is the symbol of the Rastafari religion?


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