slapped in the face by a Jamaican man!

slapped by jamaican manI couldn’t lie to you guys. I have been slapped in the face by someone I thought loved me. I am in Jamaica, he berated me…he would do things thinking I didnt know. When I confronted him and told him I was going home…that is when he slapped me in the face. I do not love him anymore. I have much more to say. I am not saying all Jamaican men slap all their girlfriends in the face, but it happened to me the night before last night and my mind feels like there is a black cloud in and around me. I use to love Jamaica. I use to love my people. Now I just think negative. I hope this will change. Jah help me. Not all Jamaican men do this…but I think when you press someone in the wrong way…things like this can happen. He is the last person I ever thought would do this to me. I feel like crying every time I think about it.

10 Jamaican Vacation Warnings: The truth about the other side of Jamaica and Jamaican culture

10 jamaican vacation warnings cover

  1. #1 “Beat fight kill” Mentality
  2. #2 Sex Culture in Jamaica
  3. #4 Taxi Culture in Jamaica
  4. #5 Gossip Culture in Jamaica
  5. #7 Pay for anything Culture:
  6. #8 How some Jamaicans see some foreigners
  7. #9 Spells and Black magic
  8. #10 Videos and cameras
  9. 6 tips to stay safe in Jamaica:
  10. I love Jamaican people….

The date is May 17 2015. I am writing this book while in Jamaica to inform foreigners, like myself of some of the situations and mindsets they may face when dealing with people from Jamaica in Jamaica. Of course what you are about to read will not apply to all Jamaican people, but it will apply to some. I have written this quick information booklet based on my own personal experience living in Jamaica in 2015. I wish some people had made me aware. I had to learn by experience. My hope is that you encounter love harmony and peaceful dealings while in Jamaica, and avoid certain dealings with certain Jamaican people.
Jah Bless
#1 “Beat fight kill” Mentality
“Beat Fight Kill mentality” – Some Jamaican people, not all Jamaican people, have a beat fight kill mentality. Some Jamaicans have never heard the term get over it, or forget about it. Or Its not the end of the world etc. Some Jamaicans tend to resort to the beating another, Getting into a physical fight with anther, or even Killing another, when they become stressed by another person, or just because that is the only way they know to deal with difficult people and stressful situations.
My own experience with the kill fight mentality: I developed a business relationship/friendship with a Jamaican gentleman while I was in Jamaica. I could see many signs o ignorant aggressive, domineering behavior along the way and became fed up. He would come around me telling me exactly what I needed to do and how to do it according to him, and I was not to ask anybody else to help me but him. There were times when, I could tell he had been thinking the whole night about a lot of the things pertaining to me…and he would then come over to my house early in the morning and spew his controlling insecure thoughts. One day this gentleman (I use the term very loosely) lent me use his USB stick…I had some thing’s I wanted to erase from the USB stick before giving it back to him. This gentleman showed up at my home screaming obscenities at me from the side of the road in front of my family home for everybody including my neighbours to hear. “Is it me who made a guy fuck you in your batty in Negril?” He was saying. On a second occasion he showed up at my home threatening to “lick me down” again screaming from the road side in front of my house for everybody to hear. I was told later by a friend that the same gentleman then rode his bike down the street saying…after screaming obscenities in front of my house “I will kill you and some of your friends too, and then go into hiding.” His exact words were “I WILL kill you and some of your friends them too and then go away.” (Away means to another Parish so that the Police will not find him.) This experience was very eye opening for me. It made clear to me, that some Jamaicans do not value life the way that most people in Canada or in other places abroad do. I began to see that some Jamaican people don’t blink an eye to kill another for the simplest of things. Keep this in mind when you come to Jamaica. We have heard many stories of people, foreigners, getting killed and or robbed in Jamaica by Jamaican people. I share this story with you to help you potentially understand the mentality behind the killings. Not all Jamaican people think and function in this manner…but based on the story above some do….there is no real way of telling which Jamaican people adhere to the beat fight kill mentality and which Jamaican people do not, as a foreigner.
#2 Sex Culture in Jamaica
Many Jamaicans do not use Condoms – Many people in Jamaica have sexual intercourse without protection. I was having a conversation with a man in his 60s who told me that every prostitute he has ever slept with (sometimes more than 2 in a week) he slept with without protection which resulted in at least 3 pregnancies that he is aware of. As he was telling me this I thought “Never mind the pregnancies, what about STDs?” Suddenly out of nowhere he asked me, “How many times have you had to go to the Doctor because of men?” I told him I

10 jamaican vacation warnings cover


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