No more of other peoples Garbage for me!

garbageI have recently decided not to carry other peoples garbage around with me. I have had to make a real effort on this because I am a very sensitive person. Other people can really fill you up with their garbage. What am I talking about. I am talking mostly about judgments and other peoples negativity towards me. I will tell you how I am doing it, but first let me tell you a little more specifically what I am talking about.

It seems every person in my life is out to change me except for a few very close and meaningful friends. All others are out to change me. One guy even told me, that if I am not willing to banish my plans of going to Jamaica and starting my life there, he is not willing to be friends with me anymore. Needless to say, we are not friends anymore. I thought he was ridiculous  I really enjoyed talking to that person, but to me him trying to change me is garbage and foolishness and I don’t need it.

I had another guy who I loved so much (as a friend) who insisted that we pretty much move in together and start having children yesterday! I thought he was moving way too fast, considering he had done the same thing in his last relationship, and is now a Father to 2 children with whom he does not live with. In other words he moved way too fast and now he and that woman are separated.  Too much Garbage.

Then there is the people who have their own negative judgments of you based on who knows what without even knowing you.

I have decided to get rid of the Garbage. Here is how I am doing it.

  • I show an abundance of more love and respect to those who show love and respect to me
  • I read my bible daily to keep me in a positive frame of mind
  • happy faceI ignore those who disrespect me
  • I keep a book of my thoughts, so that I can write down what I am thinking and feeling and release it

I know the life that best suits me, because I know my own heart. The bottom line is nobody understands you like you! You know yourself best. What you need, what you are about, where you are planning to go. Do not hold other peoples Garbage like Judgments and criticisms of you in your head. You are a Child of The Most High, created in his light, that is all that counts.

I am releasing other peoples negative, unproductive, Satanic garbage from my head.

Love and Blessings to all.



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