One Standard of Beauty?

I am a Rasta. I have hair that is locked. I do not cover my hair every day. I sometimes get the impression, that people want me to look like everybody else. But that is not what I want. This is my life. My hair is my spirituality, and maybe its time for everybody else to wake up and understand not everybody looks the same and not everybody is soppose to. We are all beautiful in our own way. I am a natty Empress, and very proud, I will not give in to Babylon.

  • I find asian woman have nice eyes and a nice slim physique
  • I find black woman are sexy in their strong sexy feminine bodies and full lips
  • I find white women have nicely colored eyes
  • I find indian woman, have nice skin complextion, and big beautiful eyes

All women are beautiful, all race of people are beautiful. Black women and all women need to stop trying to look like the other. God made us like M&Ms all different colors and tasting good in our own way. LOL.
Please join me in embracing your own natural beauty. Just be your self whatever that is. Weather it is your hair, your skin complextion, the fullness of your lips, your hair color. Please be yourself you are beautiful just the way God made you.
Watch this video I found on Youtube today. Jah Bless. Rastafari

If the video is not working…please click here…Video about Freeform dreadlocks


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