10 comments on “Salute to Sexy Black Women

  1. Simply darkskin womens of anyuntrys it may?are the sexies.jah picks. We are of west africa?the first race of peoples was dark black folks.im my self is an indian redish complextion.cause of thoses whites folks/native indians mixs.yes i do have west indies blood flows in my body.st.kitts?i claims jamaican!!!!all in one.??.whats an fact.all of these dark lovly ladies,queens are sexy,pretty than any others races world wide.big ups respects to all of west indies wo
    Ens.starting with africa/to jamaica w.i.


  2. To me Attractive dark skin black women with typical black features have not been celebrated enough by us blacks, infact most of the Miss Jamaica contestants are dominated by light skin black women and far more as a result has won them and no one bats a eyelid at it.
    when I look in my UK weekily edition of the Jamaican Gleaner and they feature pictures of Jamaican dances and carnivals, most of the women that they feature are light skinned or whites, it has never praised dark skin black women enough.
    They (Miss Jamaica judges) some of those who love miss Jamaica competitions and the Gleaner use the out of many one people motto as some sort of justification.
    Theres no doubt that we are affected by out past when the british use to treat and pay light skin black people better and then today the infleunce of the American media, as its mainly attractive white women they show and when they do show attractive black women they are usually light skinned or with almost European features and the only dark skin women they do feature are average looking, obese or unattractive and black Americans are just as guilty with this practise as the whites, as they incorporate this in to their music videos.


  3. Black women are beautiful. Culturally they are too. Ethiopian women are Goddesses, and women from Sudan too. Jamaican women here look wonderful, and I am sure they are.


  4. I love my beautiful dark sistas. Always have and always will. Nothing pleases me more than to come in contact with a dark skinned sista with pride,intelligence and a sense of humor. Black truly is beautiful. Especially when it comes to women. My wife to be is very dark skinned. I call her my sugar baby, and she is just as sweet. My black Queen. Never loved anyone so much.


      • Just trying add alittle more of my comments. Facts are the land mother africa was birth in terms of name title africa. Is the title by slavemasters. The Europeans. Whateva its true name is?Theres nothing compares to melon complextion womens on this planet earth.In fact im drop alittle science now. We are not colored folks.Nor black peoples,darksnin none of that belongs to no humanbeing. We are of marrcoon tribes.which mens many of us are moorish american. Or sim


      • My name is Brother Michael l bond-Bey. Now!!! Im an moslem.Studys Islamism. Yes ism to islam.Im an moorish america.theres nothing like melon complextion women. More so when she dont want look european. BST BE LOOK LIKE SELF. BE MOTHER EARTH ON THIS PLANENT. PEACE!!! ISLAM-ISM.


  5. Let me finish up on what im saying.Country of Jamaica. Birthed many bless,powerful peoples of melon folks.Just wanted add my lovly jamaican sexy lovly Queens u god proper name calls Allah.


  6. I love Jamaican men and I’ve had fantasies for years on marring one… So pray for me that it will happen… And I am black too.


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