4 comments on “Travelling to Jamaica for the First time? 7 things you should know.

  1. Horrible terrible article, this is utter garbage, where did you get it that we will steal people’s clothing? Jamaicans treat foreigners far better than we treat each other (though that’s not bad) and everything isn’t overpriced in Jamaica, I guess had you lived here more than just visiting you would see how badly you are misleading the few visitors that happen upon your site


    • I agree…Jamaica is very safe.
      I am not sure where this fear of Jamaica came from(must be before my time) but its safe(& Fun)
      ….I have vacationed in a few parts of Jamaica…Kingston was my favorite. Kingston has a great
      night-life…I went to the market in downtown Kingston and that was an adventure believe me!!!
      Once I spoke, the locals immediately knew I was foreign and they immediately said to me welcome to Jamaica with a big smile on their face…they ask me if I was enjoying my trip and everyone made some suggestion of the places I should visit on my vacation….I GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE mon!!
      All that said, I use use the same common sense I use back home in the USA…I am not going to advertise my money and be a flashy fool. That would get you robbed anywhere. Plus why would I want to hang out in a Jamaican ghetto community if I do not hang out in an American ghetto community.
      You have good and bad areas, stick to the good areas in jamaica(& anywhere else in the world for that matter) and you will have a GOOOOD TIME!!


  2. I loved my trip t Jamaica. Just be careful of the men and to some degree the women. They will ask you to buy them things, ask for money and get upset with you if you don’t. They will accuse you of not trusting them. The resort staff are the worst I have seen in Jamaica. Just be aware and use common sense!!


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